Peter Schiff Makes the Rounds at the Democrat National Convention: Ban Corporate Profits!!!

By the Left Coast Rebel

Beyond the fact that a whole lot of Democrat folks apparently embrace even the most extreme elements of communism, pay particular attention to the key moment at 2:55 on the Youtube needle in the Peter Schiff-led DNC convention video below:

I support anything my Dear Leader supports!!!

Why look to North Korea for spooky collectivism and souless brainwashed masses when we have them sprouting up and supporting a major political party in our own backyard?

We live in truly frightening times.

Hat-tip WC Varones.

Updated: Forgot to note here: The people in this video are Democratic party DELEGATES. What does that tell us?


  1. American two party system. Democratic party and Republican party. Biggest misnomers of the 21st century. To more accurately reflect their true political philosophies/ideologies they should be renamed.

    American Facist Party and American Socialist Party. Of course as truth in politics is exceedingly rare in America the charade of the present party identifiers will no doubt continue well into the future.


    Until the indoctrination is complete.

    1. These people interviewed by Schiff show that for many the indoctrination is complete. Where is the America I used to know?

  2. It's fascism, pure and simple.


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