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In the interests of reality, I present actual un-bought off delegates telling you how it is. They may be the last we'll ever see if the sham of Rule 16 holds. If I were Morton Blackwell, I'd file some kind of charges for being kidnapped on a bus for three hours. But that only works if they haven't bought off the Tampa police and court system. And since they were running around like storm troopers, don't hold your breath.

GET THIS, an employee of Dr. Paul and delegate from Texas had bullets planted in her luggage and was threatened with arrest by the TSA. After telling them that she worked from Ron Paul, she was let go. These people will stop at nothing, but you knew that from the unreported history of the last 100 years that anyone who opposed the Federal Reserve Banking Syndicate always met with unfortunate events. Remember this dear lady's face when you go on and on about how cute Ann Romney is, or on how handsome Mitt is.

One other thing I encourage you to do is go to the Maine Delegates website and just read their biographies. It's pure Americana and these are the people that the RNC booted for being subversives, not showing their love to Kim Il Mitt by placing his name into nomination.  All of them except Cheating Charlie Webster (Mitt's hatchet man), are patriots. Check out the props given to one feisty Maine delegate by Doug Wead:

Do they kick out Ashley Ryan, the youngest member of the RNC, the National Committee Woman from Maine?  They tried.  Sununu was furious that she had stood up to him in the Rules Committee.  It was not an easy choice to make but they had to thin the heard, the floor noise was embarrassing, so among those kicked out were seven Afghanistan War Veterans, including one who had been home from the war only months.  That’s okay, the Vets are tough. And the media has no spine.  it will be ignored.
Read the entire thing entitled, Romney's Revenge. 

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