California Tax In Effect, Starting Today

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 By the Left Coast Rebel

Yay! California Governor Moonbeam is finally coming for your sales tax dollars!

As I sipped my peaceful Saturday morning coffee, I noted that the San Diego press is parroting the statist talking point that the tax is "going to create jobs" because is planning on building several distribution hubs across the state.

The idiots in San Diego's local press are also parroting the socialist Sac-town Dems in saying that the new internet tax ( tax) will "help" local Mom-and-Pop retailers. For example...

(San Diego UT) Most online shoppers in San Diego will pay more for their purchases beginning Saturday, because a new state law requires retailers like to collect sales tax at checkout for the first time.
How much more? In San Diego County, you’ll see between 7.75 percent and 8.75 percent added to your bill, depending on your city of residence. 

The law, resembling the rules in about a dozen other states, is intended to even the playing field for Main Street merchants who say that not requiring online retailers to collect tax gives them an unfair competitive advantage. 

Wrong. I don't choose to avoid Main Street merchants. I choose Amazon because they have the best prices, I get free shipping and the sales tax savings makes a big difference at checkout. Stuff at WalMart is just about as cheap. I choose (or chose) Amazon because it is convenient and cheap.

Just a few of the individuals that have no vote, voice or say in any way whatsoever in the Once Golden State:

Business Owners (here's why).
Car owners and commuters (everyone).
Those few lucky enough to earn a paycheck.
Individuals not part of a "protected" class (even though, ludicrously, CA is minority-majority).

Individuals who run the show here:

Illegal aliens.
Criminal politicians.
Poor people paid to stay poor.
Wacko pagan environmentalists nutjobs.
Socialists and varying collectivists of all stripes.

And the list goes on...

You get the picture; liberals, progressives-statists, collectivists, socialists -- whatever you want to call them -- eventually destroy everything they touch. California is no exception.

The question remains: does America even care? Do the American people want a California future? Do they even have a choice, still?

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  1. Are you still looking at Virginia? ;)

    1. Why yes I am, Lisa. We are out of here in 2013 or early 2014. If it weren't for family, I would probably never come back ;)

      Have you been to VA?

  2. I'm with you, Reb. I shop Amazon when the price (including shipping) and convenience are right. We'll see how much more or less their business generates in California in the next 12 months. Sometimes it is still easier to mouse click a purchase than plan a trip to a brick and mortar store.

    The new jobs will be good, and may even enable Amazon to do some same day shipping, which will improve the services they offer. Still, I don't expect CA to spend the new tax wisely, so it is a band-aid for the CA economy at best.

  3. I was thinking of using Amazon, I just changed my mind.

    VA is a beautiful state. My wife, a life long northeaster said it is one of maybe two other states she would consider living in...


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