Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute on Paul Ryan

By the Left Coast Rebel  

"He's not a follower of Ayn Rand; clearly he's been influenced by her..."

More from Yahoo Finance:

"I don't think Ryan even in his political philosophy is as radical as I am or as radical as Ayn Rand would be," says Brook in an interview with The Daily Ticker. "Maybe he is in terms of his long-term vision and is just a practical politician."

Even though Brook says Ryan's plan is "nowhere near" what the economy needs to save it from a "debt disaster" he is quick to defend it against attacks."It brings expenses back to 2008 levels," he says. He's also "shocked" that Ryan's plan has been criticized so severely.

According to Rand, government "doesn't regulate business [and] doesn't redistribute wealth" but what it does do have is "a strong police force, a strong judiciary to arbitrate disputes and a military to protect us from outside invasions," says Brook. "Other than that (government should) leave us to pursue our happiness….leave us alone."

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  1. Debunking the democratic BS. Great find Tim. It is unfortunate that he isn't more radical in the fiscal sense and specifically as it relates to capitalism and gov. regs.

    1. Thanks, Les, just happened to find this at Yahoo Finance. It is unfortunate that he isn't as radical as he is being attacked for - might as well be since they are painting him that way. Imagine that in today's society, a fiscal "moderate" such as Ryan is attacked as being some kind of right-wing extremist. What kind of America are we passing off to our children?

    2. A extremely leftist and Government dependent society.

      Artur Davis, who as you know was Obama's 2008 Campaign Co-chair, is be referred to as one that has no principles and is just a political opportunist. Simply because he recognized the great damage Obama is doing as a result of the divisiveness he is responsible for in race relations and his economic class warfare. Because Mr. Davis sees and understands the even further leftward shift by Obama the loonies in the democratic party will assinate his character as they are Ryan and Romney.

      The left has absolutely no shame.

    3. I hope you won't mind me stealing this and putting it up at Rational Nation. With full credit to LCR of course.

    4. Steal away! And yes, you are right, the loonies in the Democrat party make JFK spin in his grave. When it comes down to it, Ryan is what used to be considered a Democrat.

    5. Excellent point Tim. My father was strong Democrat JFK was president. How far the donkey has fallen!

  2. I've only read one Ayn Rand book, The Fountainhead, and it strongly influenced me. I highly recommend it, and endorse most of its ideas. I lean to the left politically. The book didn't get into politics too much. IMHO a Wisconsinite Rand follower would be a great president or vice president.

    I also admire how Ryan is willing to admit we need to cut popular programs. If Treasury yields begin rising, amid concerns the Fed will have to allow inflation if the gov't is to make its interest payments, suddenly Democrats and Repubicans will strike a deal to cut the military, social programs, and raise taxes, all in moderation. Yes, some evil-doers somewhere will get away. Some grandma will have to use some older generic medicine. I wish politicians could do that before things to turn to worms.


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