What TSA Stands For

by The republican Mother

The group, Without a Face, has put together this amazing music video parodying the TSA. Go-Go dancing and such is not my style, but neither is a brownshirt unconstitutional army of perverts. Thanks to Without a Face for illustrating the absurdity and perversity.

I posted this over at the Daily Paul and it made it to the front page, because its that good!

The fact that the DHS is a bunch of perverts is coming out with the following news:

The president of Penn State, Graham Spanier,  who covered for Sandusky recently got recruited by DHS. Apparently  someone who covers for pedophiles has a skill set Homeland can use. From what I've been learning, the pedo rings are very prevalent at the top levels of our society, further indicating how sick this world is.

There is a lot of sexual tension at the upper eschelons of DHS, as reported by Forbes. The verse, "and women shall rule over them" comes readily to mind.


  1. Perhaps after Israel defeats the Iranian menace for us, we'll figure out to adopt Israel's airport security model.

    1. Our model is not for security, but for mass conditioning. That's why the Elites won't go with that option. That, and they made a killing (The Chertoff Group) off the naked body scanners. It's also a massive jobs program that has the added benefit of morphing into a brownshirt army. Most people aren't aware that the old chiefs of the KGB and East German police were called in to advise on the formation of DHS.

  2. I always thought TSA stood for Targeting and Segmentation Analysis. But I live in a database marketing world.


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