(VIDEO) "Myster Speaker" Clint Eastwood Bombs at Republican National Convention?

By the Left Coast Rebel   

As luck would have it, I just happened to get home at the precise moment Clint Eastwood tood the stage at the Republican National Convention. What followed was a rambling, bizaree, disjointed, jarring, seemingly off-the-cuff performance.

It was almost like the ghost of Bob Dole had appeared.


  1. I thought it was horrible. I watched it on YouTube after I finished watching the Liverpool-ManCity game and it took me two tries to get through it. I don't think I saw the whole thing. It was a train wreck.

  2. agreed.

    it became evident how bad it really was when watching marc rubio's speech. that guy was fantastic.

  3. It would have been better talking to an empty suit instead of an empty chair.

  4. Clint is an icon. We all get old. Someone should have prevented that speech. KISS - keep it simple stupid.

    Clint. I love you man, but let me remember you as Josey Wales.

  5. I totally disagree. He provided a nice balance to the emotion of the evening. Plus everyone's talking about the RNC now.

    I thought he was hilarious, true and insightful. I mean, seriously.

    Hot doggin' liberal celebrities in Hollywood?

    Government employees who work for us, periodically begging for votes ?

    Oprah cryin'? They're all cryin'? Greatest country in the world?

    Lawyers in the Oval Office?

    Biden is the brains of the Democrat party?

    And O.M. G. Biden is a grin with a body behind it? Is there any BETTER way to describe him, except maybe as Wallace & Grommit?


  6. I heard from one source that his teleprompter went down. If that's true, then he was ad libbing what he could remember. It was a little embarrassing, but still of value, as I note in the piece above this one...

  7. .

    This is a perfect representation of the RepublicanT Party campaign: an old white man arguing with an imaginary Barack Obama.

    Ema Nymton

  8. Tim, you have courage for posting this. You and I might be the two most hated men in our blog circles for speaking the truth. This was embarrassing. It killed the energy of the party and the people looked puzzled at times who witnessed it, and I felt they felt they needed applaud but weren't sure when. I felt sorry for Clint Eastwood.

  9. Tim, do you know 55 prime time speeches were scheduled at the Republican National Convention and not one of them mentioned the Tea Party.

  10. I thought Clint did an excellent job.

    he covered the bases well. succinct and sweet. sublime. there was no Boob Dole in his skit.

    it worked ...it messed up the dems like a hurricane. they have no rebuttal (other then to say it was strange or wierd ..much like you are) and cannot even say Clint is wrong. it was prefect.

    an aside. I thought his half time superbowel ad was an obama endorsement. maybe he didn't know that when he did it and did this to redeem himself and correct the record.


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