The Ultimate RNC Clip "Shim Sham" Show

by The republican Mother

This is a video that takes what you may have not seen go down at the RNC and mashes it up so that you may see that the bluebloods can do "Chicago Way" as well as anyone. I present it as a time-saver for anyone wanting quick info on what just happened in Tampa.

LCR has already posted on the shenanigans that will cut out grassroots Tea Party types (that would be you and me) out of the process forever. But it really does have to be seen in the video above to be believed.

You got that, and the fact that the Virginia delegation was freaking KIDNAPPED to prevent them from voting. Some asked to get off a "lost" bus so they could walk to the convention and vote.

But wait, there's a Monty Python humorous twist to all this. After raping the whole process, Mitt decides to chill with his biggest bundlers aboard the Cracker Bay, a yacht owned by the Villiages CEO and proudly flying the flag of American oligarchs everywhere: The Cayman Islands.

Ron Paul just won in Tampa, that much is clear. Romney (or rather his handlers) cheated, bullied, intimidated, and lawyered his way to the top. Nice job. You still have no integrity. Please take the time to read the awesome piece by Robin Koermer that says this:

When Mr. Romney and the RNC cheat so blatantly, they make the game no longer about politics: they make themselves ineligible for the vote of anyone who cares about his own morality, his own honesty or his own integrity – regardless of his politics. And from a purely practical standpoint, they invite Americans to ask if they want to live in a nation governed with the same contempt for those who don’t toe the party line as has been displayed both in Tampa and throughout the primary process.


  1. This would seem to be an Obama video...

    1. ?????
      This is just video from the convention - the lying cheating and unpolished parts.
      In case you don't know me, I'm an AMERICAN and not a boot-licking party-line tow-er.
      I am against corruption and lawlessness in BOTH parties.

    2. Hear Hear RM. And the new neo Facist rEpublican pArty is as corrupt as they come. Well, maybe it's a tie with the D-crap party?

    3. I'd say they're both in a race to the very bottom of the barrel. People better wake up or they're going to take us all there with them.


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