Rule Change = Dictatorship

by The republican Mother

Ben Swann got an interview with Mitt and Paul Ryan wherein he gets Mitt to reveal that he "knows nothin'" about the stripping of the Maine delegates. But Ben uses this piece to highlight that if Mitt gets his way with this new rule change, he'll be the one selecting all the RNC delegates in 2016, meaning that the grassroots will be mowed down permanently. This has not only Paulers upset, but your run of the mill Tea Party types like Dick Armey, Michelle Malkin and even Mark Levin.

So all you supporting Mitt Romney thinking you're going to "hold him accountable", just know he's trying to work it so that you can't. That's how much humility and respect he has for you and the process. You've been warned.

h/t Daily Paul

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  1. Thus confirming the birth of The New Neo Fascist rEpublican pArty of America.

    Romney Supporters and Advocates as well as Neocons of all stripes are certain to be welcomed. For the rest who hang around long enough, positive it just ain't so, your certain to receive further intense indoctrination aimed at reeducating you in NNcFPA (New Neocon Fascist Party of America). bulls**T.

  2. My worse nightmare is coming true! UGH!!!

  3. Get Obama out then fight the GOP establishment. I hope the Tea Party becomes vocally opposed to Romney after the election, cause he's not going to keep any promises. Maybe then we can pick up a lot more Democrats too.

    1. From a strict practical viewpoint I can't argue your point. From a philosophical and ethical vantage point I see little or no difference between Obama and Romney and the New Neo Fascist rEpublican pArty of America.

      Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party holds the best hope for change, and every liberty minded individual that believes in proper and limited Constitutional governance should be a vocal and energetic voice advocating his candidacy. A man who has the right philosophy and ethics is the man we should be supporting. But I guess there just aren't enough liberty minded folks and rebels in the nation anymore.

      You once mildly chastised me for compromising my principles and being what I felt was reasonable , and you were partially correct. Well, I will not compromise my principles and vote for Willard Mittens RomneySkull, who will in my considered, and not at all humble opinion will be as bad for America as Obama has been. Maybe worse in some ways.

    2. One problem with that plan:


      They are funded by the same big banks, insurance companies, defense contractors. As Carroll Quigley said (snicker as it all comes true), the whole plan was to give us the illusion of choice, while the agenda to consolidate everything rolled on.

      Their comes a point when its time to be a man, have some balls, and just walk away from the psychos.

  4. Why people want to ignore who the real Romney is just baffles me. His record speaks for itself.

  5. People want an alternative to Obama and Romney is what we have.

    This issue does put a new spin on Ann Romney's "Mitt will not fail!"

    On the bright side, The Tea Party just gained the ammunition it needs to become the defining force in politics in 2013 and beyond.

    We all knew the GOP establishment was next on the list, and they know it also. You cannot expect that a group of powerful elitists would just hand over power. We need to study their defenses, but in the end rules without support are walls without a foundation.


    Where do you lunatics come from? What satisfaction do you get out of your retarded lies? Compared to Brakabama, Mitt Romney is the second coming of George Washington. You feckless idiots don't want anything to get better. You simply live for the sake of your demented fantasies.

    YOU are the problem. YOU are the ones on the same team as Brakabama and his Communist entourage.

    May you rot in hell.

  7. And you, aside from being uncouth and classless are delusional, perhaps deranged even.

    Vote yoir American Fascist party,that certainly is your right. Now go carry some more water.

  8. You don't know what a fascist is, you demented jerk-off. You're worthless. You're an ally to this country's most mortal domestic enemy and you're too damn stupid to even realize it. Hate is your only ethic. Get out of my country, you gutless worm.

    1. Bravo Chuck, Three Cheers for Your gutless, spineless and bigoted rant.

      You are an uneducated Neandrathal that does sewer garbage proud.

      Tell you what, you get out of MY country you gutless piece of sewer trash. You are undoubtedly deranged, delusional, and quite sick.

      You must be insecure and figure your blustery BS makes you a man. Got some news for you.

      Oh, as to what a facist is... Go look in the mirror dudette. You'll be looking at one.

      Nighty night Chuckie.


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