Republican Delegate Rule Change Shenanigans

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As I mentioned in the previous post, I haven't had time to watch the GOP convention this week in Tampa, Florida.

Unfortunately,  just because I haven't tuned in doesn't mean I'm not privy to the GOP establishment's delegate/grassroots shafting that just took place...

Wes Messamore is on top of this story like a fly on stink, here's a snippet from IVN:

Presently, each state party sets its own rules for delegates to the party’s national convention. Some state parties’ delegates are “bound” to vote for the winner of the state primary. Other state parties send “unbound” delegates, with state party rules that allow them to “vote their conscience” at the convention.

Another contentious rule change would allow the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee to choose which delegates are sent from each state party to the national convention instead of allowing each state party to determine its own rules and process for selecting delegates. If Mitt Romney were to win the general election in November, but face strong party opposition by 2016, as President Gerald Ford did in 1976, the new rules would allow his campaign to unilaterally silence intra-party opposition by stacking state delegations to the national convention with Romney supporters.

Commentators haven’t missed the implications of the rule change for grassroots, insurgent candidacies like that of Texas congressman, Ron Paul, whose presidential primary campaign strategy centered on active involvement by Paul supporters in state party processes and getting Ron Paul supporters elected as delegates from their state to the national convention. However, as Dougherty notes, Ronald Reagan’s presidency was made possible by his own insurgent candidacy at the Republican Party’s hotly-contested, brokered convention in 1976, where he nearly unseated President Gerald Ford for the GOP’s presidential nomination.

Please read the rest and pass it along...
Here's more on the GOP's delegate travesty that republican Mother wrote about yesterday from the LA Times:

The Romney campaign has tried to court Paul, both with the prominent speaking slot given to his son and with a video tribute planned for this evening’s session. At the same time, it angered some Paul supporters – and other conservatives as well – by pushing through a series of rule changes Tuesday that would limit the ability of grass-roots conservatives to use party conventions and caucuses to elect delegates to future conventions.

Party officials also refused to seat delegates from Maine, a state where Paul supporters had dominated the delegate selection. That had the effect of keeping Paul from being formally nominated in advance of Tuesday’s roll call. As a result, votes cast for him were not officially announced by the convention’s secretary.

“These rules are designed to turn the Republican Party into a top-down organization and strip power away from state parties and grass-roots activists of every stripe,” Paul’s campaign manager said in an email to supporters Wednesday morning. “It didn’t have to be this way. And quite frankly, it’s a shame.”

If they're willing to (permanently) shaft the grassroots like this before the election, what in the hell do you think they're going to do to fiscal conservatives and liberty activists after the November election???

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