Rand Paul's Speech and the Future of the Republican Party

By the Left Coast Rebel    

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  1. If he were running for an office I could vote for, it would be my first vote for a Republican. Everyone's for balancing the budget, but everyone wants cuts from the other side's programs. Democrats can't tolerate cutting money used to help people. GOP can't tolerate cutting money used to punish wrongdoers.

    Both side have to admit that it's the nature of life that some people won't be helped and some people will go unpunished. Worse, cutting gov't spending may result in even more people going unhelped or unpunished. That's hard. Somebody's mother won't be getting her medicine. Some kid won't go to college. Some extremists will take control of more territory in Pakistan. Some armed robber will get out prison early. We could accept that austerity, raise taxes to pay for the things gov't does, or fight about it until a debt crisis forces action.


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