Okay, This is Fun...

By RightKlik

...have you tried it yet? You can compare your results with other people state-by-state and with people across the country.

It's a quiz from iSideWith.com.

How did I manage to agree with Mitt Romney and Ron Paul virtually equally?

Update: Disagree with the results? The site's creators explain:

Interview with Taylor Peck and Nick Boutelier, iSideWith


  1. I was 99% aligned with Gary Johnson and pretty much a libertarian, which was no surprise. I would love to vote for Johnson, but I want Obama out more, so I am stuck with Romney. I look forward to another chance in 2016 for a libertarian in the White House.

    1. Romney leaves so much to be desired, but Obama is flat-out dangerous. Imagine Obama with "more flexibility" after re-election.

    2. I would like to be able to sleep at night, so I will pass on that thought.

  2. I came up Jill Stein 93%, but I heard her speak on a podcast, and I didn't care for her all that much. She kept saying how awful it is that people went into debt to get an education and can't get a job. I say those people can take advantage of hardship deferral while they go out and find someone with a need an fill it. Then those loans will be paid off before they know it. A college education gives you tools to meet people's needs, which in turn creates wealth. A degree is NOT a meal ticket.


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