Is Obama a good guy or a bad guy?

By the Full Metal Patriot

At a campaign event for Mitt Romney yesterday, Marco Rubio gave a charming and persuasive speech. But while highlighting the differences between the two presidential candidates, he made what I believe to be an serious error in judgment.
“This is not a choice between two bad people. This is not a choice between one bad guy and one good guy. This is a choice between a guy that has no idea what he's doing and a guy that does.”
I applaud Marco Rubio for tempering his attack on Obama with a degree of moderation, and I know why he held back in his criticism. I agree with what Rubio said about Obama's appalling ineptitude in office. And I agree that our president has been needlessly divisive.
But I must disagree in the strongest terms with his assertion that Barack Obama is not a bad guy. The President may indeed be a good husband and father. But over the past three and a half years, our president has repeatedly demonstrated — through his policies and his unflagging desire to circumvent our system of checks and balances — that he is a nothing more than a tyrant who doesn't deserve to steer our ship of state.
There's MUCH more, but this post can only be so long. And you certainly get my point by now.

This November, we have a choice: we may either choose a successful businessman who understands and values the American free market system, or we may choose a petty, thin-skinned autocrat who will say, do, and condone anything that would enable him to hold on to political power for another term. In my opinion, Obama's actions DO most definitely make him a “bad guy.” And if we have him in the White House for another four years, we're going to find out exactly how bad he can be.

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  1. Republicans (even Rubio) either don't get it about Obama or don't want to get it. Obama harbors incredible ill will toward this nation (especially in regards to our economic system) and has to be called out for ever single thing in your list here (sadly, you hit on the majors but there are a LOT more things to include).

    Thanks for the cross-post to LCR, hope to see you around more!

  2. Rubio is someone we can agree on. The rest of the stuff....well.

  3. Sorry, LCR, I've been slackin' lately. Looking forward to more interaction.

  4. There is no question he is misguided. Fully, completely, and totally with respect to many things, not the least of which is the economy and his philosophy of governance. He had many a misguided teachers and mentors along the way.

  5. I dont see him doing anything he doesnt have to in order to make changes happen. Its impossible to be legitimate in politics. Every president since at least Reagan has circumvented, bent, and altered laws in their favor. If you dont ignore congress nothing would get done, there's a huge understanding there to "fight" the will of the guy on top. And you need to ask yourself, "why do we need guns? Who are we shooting at? Helpless animals? Use a spear like your anscestors. What is fundamental religion serving honestly? You can be one with God without dogma. The first amendment is abused when we storm the streets even in peace emotions become charged and the potential for violence becomes an issue. As with free speech in the wrong hands its dangerous. If you take it all for face value it's "bad" but things become old and broken and need to be removed and replaced, the founding fathers laid the ground work but had no idea what our world would be like today kerosine was still a big deal to them and they were the "terrorists". What I see here is fear to loose freedom and freedom is intrinsic of how you hold it, and for what reason. We still have the freedom to have our circles and discuss freely amongst them and to branch out to other circles, so long as we aren't spreading hate, fear or other messages routed in deceit.

    1. Replace kerosine with whatever the emerging tech was then, the point remains we've evolved more in the last hundred years than at any time prior. The system no longer serves its purpose effectively.


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