Gary Johnson on Voting Libertarian This Election

By the Left Coast Rebel 


I wonder what Gary Johnson's numbers would be if; a) everyone that self-indentifies as libertarian actually pulled the lever for him (versus Romney-Ryan) and; b) conservatives that actually have nothing in common with the Republican party (because the party is almost as fiscally statist/liberal/progressive as the Democrat party -  something that more people realize today than ever before) pulled the lever for him as well.

Would he garner 15% of the vote in November if these two groups showed up for him?


How would that change America's politics in the future if he placed that well?


  1. Questions I have asked myself everyday. It only seems sensible to vote for someone with a proven track record in the very things Libertarians advocate for and conservatives (not the neo-con and socon republicans)are behind as well.

    Taking a reasonable chance on a man qualified to be president who has had proven success on the state level is what real change is all about in 2012. Neither Obie or Mittens will result in anything significantly different or positive.

    We will simply continue the progression towards that proverbial cliff that looms larger by the year...

  2. Speaking only for myself: Obama is too great of a threat. After 2013, when the economy really hits the wall but also after the Marxists are not in power, there will be a better chance for the Libertarians.


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