Five Hundred Dollar Hammer Meets the Two Million Dollar Job

By Proof

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The Agriculture Department spent $2 million on an internship program in which only one intern was hired, according to a new inspector general report.

The finding was part of a larger USDA inspector general audit that focused on the agency’s multi-million dollar effort to improve information technology security.

The 32-page audit found the agency’s information systems “are still at risk” because the improvement projects were poorly managed “even after expending $63.4 million of funding increases received” in fiscal years 2010 and 2011.

The audit also focused on the office of the agency’s chief information officer and the $2 million it funded for the internship program. While the program was part of the security-enhancement program, it resulted in the hiring of only one full-time intern, the audit stated.

Two million dollars for a single job? Sounds like a bargain by government standards! Remember that solar farm in Nevada? Uncle Sugar gave $50 Million in tax credits to a Canadian company that would employ...two people! Your tax dollars at work!

The really funny thing is that candidate Barack Obama told us he was going to go over the budget line by line to eliminate this very kind of waste. How odd that he didn't catch it himself? /snark

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  1. The USDA has been on a terror fining average Americans in upwards of $4 million for the smallest of infractions. This is a tyrannical group that is eating the substance of hard working Americans. You can bet these interns probably fit the mold of one Sarah Conant--a former attorney for Humane Society of the US--that has launched a war based on animal rights against people like John and Judy Dollarhite.

    1. These are the same guys who have their own SWAT unit for going after farmers who sell raw milk, aren't they? No way this is a bureaucratic agency that needs to be reined back! /sarc


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