David Harsanyi on Picking Paul Ryan for Vice President

By the Left Coast Rebel 

Per Reason.com:

Many liberals already believe that Republicans wouldn't mind seeing children (poor, minority and handicapped children, at least) contracting deadly bacterial diseases, even if conservatives won't explicitly say so. Many liberals assume that the wealthy (especially those who have an exotic career, such as "banker") never really pay their share in taxes and probably cheat and devastate the poor to achieve success. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid might not have any proof that Romney hasn't paid a penny in taxes in a decade, but it plays to a larger social truth about conservatives; it is a given.
So, no matter whom Republican Mitt Romney finally taps as his vice presidential nominee, Democrats will accuse this person of crimes against common decency and fairness. This person will, you can bet, be indicted as someone hellbent on "dismantling" Social Security, sacrificing Medicare to the gods of social Darwinism and "slashing" the safety net into worthless tatters.

If that's the case, why not pick a politician who actually speaks about reforming entitlement programs in a serious way? Someone who has actually come up with some ideas that reach beyond platitude? Rep. Paul Ryan, who was spotted pushing a frail wheelchair-bound elderly woman off a cliff in a political ad last year, is really the only person on the shortlist we keep hearing about who fits the bill.

Paul Ryan: RINO or Reformer?
Although Paul Ryan is not perfect (Patriot Act, TARP, auto bailouts, GWB spending, Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, etc.), Harsanyi is right: he at least has a plan to adress this nation's fiscal/entitlement armageddon. He, unlike most of the GOP, had the guts to propose cuts, even though I don't think his proposal(s) go nearly far enough.

And since the Democrat party, far-left and the media (one and the same) are going to attack the nominee whether he/she is a RINO or a true limited government kinda guy or gal, why not go for the gold?

He's a bright guy with a lot of Big Ideas regarding the deficit and entitlement spending. He's expressed an affinity for Ayn Rand in the past (though he oddly denounced her philosophy recently).

Which is probably why he probably won't be veep.

Updated: A reader emailed this to me - Paul Ryan begging on the House floor for the passage of TARP right before it passed:

Ouch. How sad.

Updated x2: A Ron Paul juxtaposition before TARP was passed:


  1. The one time I blogged VP preference - and it will be the last - I advocated Ryan precisely because Mittens needs the help articulating conservative principles on the big issues of the campaign (or at least what should be): gub'ment spending, taxation, and entitlement reform. He should pick Ryan simply because the mere picking of him brings these issues back to the top, neutralizing Obama's filthy campaign strategy. (btw - I was also anti-TARP, but can give one mulligan to my favorite congressman from Wisconsin. That's another reason - if Wisconsin goes Red it's over for Team Leftie.)

  2. "Mittens needs the help articulating conservative principles on the big issues of the campaign (or at least what should be): gub'ment spending, taxation, and entitlement reform"

    Exactly and it's because Mittens is not a conservative. I can only hope for the best as to what he may do as president (cutting spending and entitlement reform) but that kind of "oh, I sure hope the GOP does what they say they are going to" sure didn't get conservatives far with George W. Bush. At least Ryan has approached these topics. Thanks for popping in!

  3. His plan doesn't make serious cuts to the deficit until 2040. I wouldn't call that a plan since things change in Washington so quickly. I am not impressed and consider those things you listed that Ryan voted in favor of, he's really just part of the problem.

    1. In can see that. I want to like Ryan but after looking up those votes and watching part of his TARP speech... What a state the GOP is in.

  4. Jindal would have been a better pick. He's a real conservative reformer who really understands health care and could have helped unravel Obamacare.

    I can't get excited about Ryan. He's an eminently likable fellow and he talks the talk, but he hasn't walked the walk.

    I think he's capable of moving to the right under Tea Party influence, but that won't happen under Romney.

    1. Hi RK, long time no talk. Isn't it incredible that so many conservatives have fallen under the Paul Ryan spell? I mean, heck, I liked him more even before I wrote this post, but upon digging up some of these past votes... I'm really not impressed.

      Does Jindal have any of the RINO skeletons in his closet that Ryan does (albeit that he hasn't been in Congress)?

    2. Jindal served in Congress in Louisiana's 1st district before he was Governor. I don't know if his record was perfect from the limited-govt perspective, but it looks like his ACU score was 100%. Before that, he pulled off some pretty amazing health care reforms as Louisiana's Secretary of the Department of Health -- at age 24.

      It would be extremely hard to find anyone better than Jindal in terms of proven executive success and heart-felt small-govt conservatism. That's one of the reasons I don't expect Mitt to pick him.

    3. Good to know, thanks for the info. Let's hope his star is still rising and that he doesn't sell his soul for expediency and power like most of the GOP.

  5. Personally I would like to see Gary Johnson pull 15% and get a table at the presidential debates. In any case he gets my vote. There isn't anyway I'll vote for the damn GOP in 2012. The Mittens spokeswomen said a mouthful.

    The lesser of two evils is still a evil and either is leading to the same cliff. Pick the face of your economic fascism. The only difference will be the rate at which the cancer continues to grow.

    The choice Mittens makes for VP is irrelevant.


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