Chick-fil-A Canada? Come on Chick-fil-Eh!

Being Canadian, and traveling to the United States far less frequently than I'd like, I miss out on a lot of cool things American.  We get access to American television (so we no longer say a-boot instead of about.  By the way most Canadians never did say a-boot).  We have access to American clothes, styles, music, and food.  But there are exceptions that bother me - typically they relate to fast food.  For example, I've never been to a Hardee's and they have some seemingly amazing menu items.   We finally got Krispy Kreme donuts about a year before the company had financial problems and now we can only get them less than fresh at Wal Mart.  Oh, yay.

Up until recently, it hasn't bothered me too much because most of what's in the U.S. is here already.  It's more expensive, but it's here at least.  And we also have easy access to things like poutine and Tim Horton's that can be a lot harder to find in the United States.

But recently, it has started to bother me for one specific reason.  I don't have the opportunity to support Chick-fil-A because they aren't here in Canada.  Unlike this testimonial, I've seen the commercials and have an idea of what I might be missing out on;
We are Canadians and had never seen a Chick-fil-A before. As we were driving to Augusta, GA we saw the strangest sign on the highway. Cows telling us to eat more chicken. Never having seen anything like that we were intrigued. When we got to Augusta we met some wonderful locals and we asked them what Chick Phil UH was. They looked at us like we had lost our minds and then said the name ever so nicely for us Chick-fil-A. Then the lights went on and it made sense. Our mission was to find one of these unusual places and try it out. All I can say from a big girl from Canada is WOW! WOW! WOW! We were so impressed with the service and the food. We really loved the waffle fries. We would love to open a franchise in Canada. We are currently looking into this. In case we are not able to do this, can you please, please please bring a Chick-fil-A to Canada. I am telling you that Canadians will not know what hit them.
I share the sentiment - PLEASE come to Canada! Not only do I share a love of tasty food, I want to be able to line up and buy some chicken while supporting freedom of opinion and expression.  When you have mayor fascist and mayor Fudd trampling the U.S. Constitution in the name of liberal political correctness, it's amazing that someone who doesn't live in the United States and doesn't have the same levels of freedoms and can't get some sweet Chik-fil-A chicken, has an appreciation for what these fools can't understand or don't believe.

What I wouldn't do right now for a Chick-fil-A® Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe!

UPDATE:  Shepard Smith = DOLT (Via Gateway Pundit).


  1. I never knew how blessed I was being able to go to Chick-Fil-A every time we went to the mall growing up. The Hardees being the only restaurant in my small town besides the Panther Den. Both places have a great breakfast.

    The peanut oil they fry in at Chick-Fil-A really makes a difference. Their chicken salad sandwich is also really good. Kids eat free on Tuesdays, and their customer service script says, "It's my pleasure to serve you"

    They could really take the "eh" to a new level of advertising up there. I hope they can expand to Canada.

  2. Heck, we'd be happy if they expanded to Alaska. Nearest one to Anchorage is in Boise.

  3. I vote for a franchise in Canada!

  4. I vote for a franchise in Canada!


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