Who's Buying the Keynsian Economic Snake Oil?

By Grant Davies

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation is a smart organization. They know that if you use pretty girls to get your message out more people will see the message. Even other women are more attentive when pleasant looking females are talking. It doesn't hurt if the girls themselves happen to be smart as well.

Many of you know about my love for the art and science of economics. So it won't be surprising for you to read that I think Obamanomics is as nonsensical as the Keynesian notion (upon which it is based) that you can raise the level of a swimming pool by taking the water from the deep end and pouring it in the shallow end...

This video won't change a lot of minds because a large part of supporting Obama and his ilk is the practice of closing one's mind to logical discourse in favor of hero worship, tribal affiliation, and a general feeling of moral superiority over others who support anyone else.

Having said that, this video is worth watching for rational thinkers so they can keep the outrage over the scandals alive until November when the country will decide for the second time whether it wants freedom or slavery.

The real scandal is how many people buy the Keynesian snake oil even though it has never worked anywhere it's been tried. It's a scandal of mis-education purchased at a high price.

Enjoy, and be sure to circulate the video widely so you can remind those of your friends who think logically while driving your liberal friends crazy. It's great sport.

Hat tip to International Liberty.

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  1. I didn't watch the video, but it seems like Tea Party people and Keynesian people should come together now. Critics always focus on how Keynesians say we should borrow money during a recession, but my understanding is that it says we should pay off debt during expansions. We're heading into an expansion. I accept Keynesianism, and I say it's time to start phasing in some anti-stimulus in the form of cuts in programs and taxes to pay off some debt.


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