(PHOTO) Sean Hannity, Fox News' Neo-Conservative Republican Establishment Goon

By the Left Coast Rebel 

Snapped this photo of Sean Hannity on the iPhone and thought I would post it here:


Sean Hannity is at best a talking head GOP establishment goon who trumpets "conservatism" yet ends up being nothing more than a water-carrying lackey for the progressives, warmongers and socialists in the Republican party.

I haven't liked him from the start.


  1. really captured the spirit of the thing

  2. Love the picture! Mr statist lackey for sure.

  3. Tim,
    How people don't see through Hannity and his 'you are a great American' BS is beyond logical. How does one attack one party for pushing big government and give a pass to the other party is beyond me. It happens everyday on the Hannity show.

  4. Sean Hannity: If Richard Nixon and Fran Drescher had a baby that baby would never shut up!

  5. I'm not a huge fan either, but Hannity attacking Obama everyday does one hell of a lot more to save this country than daydreaming about Gary Johnson and carping from the sidelines ever will

    Just sayin

    1. Yah James, the problem is however that many of the things Vanity hits Obama on are things GWB either did as well or paved the way for Obama (socialism, bailouts, etc.) and during that time (GWB's term) Hanity had nothing to say.


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