Jack Lew, Obama's Chief of Flack, on Obamacare

By Proof

Jack Lew, Chief of Flack for the Obama Administration was on Fox News Sunday this AM. He's a smooth talker, all right, but what he had to say had as much familiarity with the truth as Michael Jordan had with being chosen last for a pick up basketball game.
"One thing that's great about our system, is that we the Supreme Court rules, we have a final answer."
Really, Mr. Lew? Because the final answer from the Supreme Court was that Obamacare is a tax. Why do you keep denying this if the Supreme Court affirmed it in their "final answer"?
"We sent Congress plans, which if they were enacted, would have create a million new jobs: policemen, firemen, teachers..."
Noble professions, to be sure, but all on the government payroll. All of them funded by the private sector and all of them contributing to public sector unions, which contribute heavily (Read: almost exclusively) to Democrats. Since the federal government and many of the states , cities and counties are broke, the money to pay these employees and their benefits would have to be borrowed, and add to the National debt, or printed by the government, which leads to inflation. This president's plan, his "focus" if you will, is to spend more money from Washington to stimulate the economy and end the recession.

But, that's exactly what he's been promising and doing for the last almost four years. How would the next four years of doing the exact same thing be any different? Other than to perhaps, take America's credit rating down another notch?
"...the American people want the divisive debate on Healthcare to stop."
Stop??? It never even got good started before Congress by the barest of majorities and not in any way a bi-partisan bill, passed a 2000+ page bill that most of them had never read and the people they supposedly represent didn't have the time to read, or reflect on or give any feedback to their elected representatives.

A majority of the American public, when asked, say they not only don't like Obamacare, but want to see it repealed. Of course, you would prefer that the matter be settled, Mr. Lew. Obamacare and the economy, the crowning jewel of his first (and hopefully only) term and his primary responsibility after securing the national defense, are both colossal failures. (I was going to say national "borders", but we all know what a miserable job he's done at that, too!)

Jack Lew, like the Moooove-on people, wants us to "move on" from a discussion of Obamacare to its implementation. He even used those exact words: move on. That way, the Bamboozler-in-Chief could natter on about his "vision" for what he wants America to look like. And his "vision" is very flowery and full of high sounding words. Just words, as someone might say.

He wants to run on his "vision" because he cannot run on his record. His primary achievement has been to push a phony "healthcare" reform down the throats of the American people instead of addressing any of the problems with the cost of healthcare. Like tort reform, for example. Tort reform is opposed by the Democrat Party, which is a subsidiary of the Trial Lawyers Association, which doesn't want tort reform. (See: How John Edwards became a millionaire.)

During the interview, Jack Lew spoke of how much President Obama had lowered people's taxes. Lowering your income will certainly do that to you!

If you listen to the whole interview, you can here him lie about how Obama wants to "reach across the aisle" to work with Republicans (like he did when he rejected all their input and amendments to Obamacare) and the lie ( around 13:21)that "Fast and Furious" started in the Bush administration, when in fact the Bush program Wide Receiver had been shut down for two years before Obama, Holder and Co. ever started Fast and Furious.

I don't know about you, but whenever I catch someone in an obvious lie, I have a hard time believing anything that person says.

Now, I'm wondering...is his name really Jack Lew???

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  1. .

    "Because the final answer from the Supreme Court was that Obamacare is a tax."

    No. The Supreme Court ruled that the ACA was a valid federal law under the Constitution of USA.

    You can have your own OPINION. Try to get the facts straight.

    Ema Nymton

    1. The Court held that since the contested "mandate" was actually a tax, the contested portion of the ACA was in fact within Constitutionally granted powers. The holding turned on the fact that it's a tax. To argue otherwise strains credulity.


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