Bamboozler-in-Chief At it Again!

By Proof

Here's the latest ad that Obama "approved":

"The Obama campaign fails to make its case. On just about every level, this ad is misleading, unfair and untrue, from the use of “corporate raider” to its examples of alleged outsourcing." -Wa Po

I'm shocked, SHOCKED that anyone would outsource jobs to China, says Barack. But, didn't Obama choose the CEO of GE, Jeffrey Immelt, to be the head of his Jobs Council, to be a close Business adviser? And hasn't GE been outsourcing jobs , shipping manufacturing and engineering and development jobs to China, too?

Other than rank hypocrisy, how is what Romney is accused of doing any different that what Obama's closest business adviser does regularly?

And the Washington Post's Fact Checker gives Obama's crew four "Pinocchios" for their dishonesty.
The claim that Romney outsourced jobs as governor is equally overblown.

This concerns Romney’s veto of a bill that would have prohibited Massachusetts from contracting with companies that outsourced the state’s work to other countries. Lawmakers were especially concerned about a $160,000-a-month contract with Citigroup to operate a system of electronic food-stamp cards that included a customer phone service center in India.

Both the liberal editorial page of the Boston Globe and conservative editorial page of the Boston Herald urged Romney to veto the amendment, saying it would cost the state money. Romney agreed, saying the measure did not protect state jobs — the call center might have moved from India to another state — but “had the potential of costing our citizens a lot more money.” The Democratic-dominated Massachusetts legislature did not override his veto, even though it overturned 117 others, suggesting that there was little real support for the measure.

When the food-stamp contract expired, the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance insisted that those jobs be returned to the United States. But they ended up in a call center based in Utah — just as Romney had predicted.
Outsourcing jobs to Utah. Perhaps if Obama is re-elected (God forbid), he could see about making Utah the 58th state?

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    People should vote for Mr Romney who made millions of dollars sending people's minimum USA wage jobs overseas and left them without a job? Right ... Who saved USA jobs in the automobile industries?

    Remind us again what is in our own best interests?

    Ema Nymton

    1. Dear Ema! Is your problem that, having had one thought pop into the empty recesses of your head that you fear you can never repeat it? Is that why you spam the same comment everywhere you go? For the sake of the LCR audience, I will repeat what I answered you the first time I saw this comment:

      Poor Ema! Kids, let this be a lesson to you: Don't do drugs!

      Ema, your comment suggests three things to me: One, that you are a proud product of the geographically challenged public school system, and think that "Utah" is "overseas".

      Two, that your liberal knee jerked so hard when you read the headline, that your bifocals fell off and you were incapable of reading the rest of the post.

      Or, three, you have ingested so much of the Obama Kool-Aid, that you are willing to swallow all of the lies of this administration hook, line and sinker. (Of course, the possibility exists that all three are equally true, as well.)

      Perhaps you are unaware of the significance of "Pinocchio" in the rating system? Pinocchio, like William Jefferson Clinton, is known for his telling of lies. Four Pinocchios, (Or "Clintons", if it makes it easier for you to understand), means the ad is very, very dishonest, much like the man who "approved" it.

      The Wa Po article ended with this, which I thought was pretty obvious, but you have demonstrated that the Obamanites need things spelled out for them:

      "Simply repeating the same debunked claims won’t make them any more correct." Sort of like you did in your comment, Ema. (Wa Po must have been thinking of you!)

      "Who saved USA jobs in the automobile industries?" By sending half a billion to build autos in Sweden? Which, BTW, competes in the US with Chevy, Ford and Chrysler. Besides, you have no evidence that any of those automotive jobs would have been lost if Obama hadn't unlawfully interfered. Not all "bankruptcies" mean shuttering the doors. A bankruptcy can allow for a healthy restructuring. Something Obama and his union cronies didn't want to happen.

      So keep repeating the same debunked claims, Ema. And say hello to Leni Riefenstahl for me while you're at it.

      And Ema, if you need another place to spam your banal mind drool (I haven't checked there yet, maybe you already have?) this post is in at least one other space, but you have to read actual words to find it.

  2. .

    Dude, what's with the tude?

    For many months you have been deranged and have become hysterical, swearing at USA people about how Mr Obama is absolutely the best at being the worst for USA. You tried to use every and all slanderous names and epitaph to smear him, his efforts, ideas, and programs. It is who you are.

    My attempts to post here are just to point out at how pompous you come across. Snivel all you want.

    Bottom line, "Bain Capital" is Mr Romney's political weak point. Is it in the voters' own best self interest to vote for the man who made millions of dollars outsourcing the voters' jobs and making the voter unemployed?

    Ema Nymton

    1. Ema: Why do you spam the same comments every where you go? Since you spam your comments, and my reply hasn't changed, I'll give you essentially the same reply:

      "you have been deranged and have become hysterical" Your projection is duly noted, dear Ema. Also the derangement of the Obamanites for trying to tie Romney to decisions made by Bain after he had left the company. And why do you never mention all the jobs that Bain had saved?

      Please tell us in 25 words or less why Obama is not running on his record and telling lies about his opponent to distract from said record?

      The fact that you repeated the same debunked claims in your second comment is also duly noted, Emetic. It figures. You have nothing else.

  3. Indeed tiring. The choice of either Obama or Mittens results in... More of the same. Status qou statism.

    A choice of "the lesser of two evils" yields a "evil" none the less.

    Why people waste the time arguing or the obvious is beyond ludicrous.

    If anyone is sincere in wanting change they will vote for neither of these two peas in a pod statist bureaucrats.

    The cliff awaits. The choice is ours. Who will step up to the plate?

  4. "Indeed tiring. The choice of either Obama or Mittens results in... More of the same. Status qou statism."

    I disagree. I view Romney as a spineless, uncommitted flip flopper who more or less likes America. In contrast, I view Obama as a committed commie idealogue who completely hates America. Ergo, Romney is slightly less vomit inducing than Obama.

    1. In my considered opinion what many fail to understand is Obama in only the newest spoke in a wheel designed and engineered long ago by oligarchs that are controlling the strings. Call them puppet masters and regardless if Romney wins the masters still control the strings.

      Ultimately of the people don't wake up soon it's a done deal. The One World Order. Look to the world banksters and you will have identified problem methinks.

    2. Regardless how you view their commitment level, their employer remains the same entity. And the generational banking cartel is a very committed organism indeed.

  5. To choose the lesser of two evils, haven't I still chosen evil?

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