Video - Barry's Economic Solution, Buy "Thingamajigs"

By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

Produced in all 57 states in zero emission, unicorn fart powered factories where so many highly paid, full-benefit package receiving workers are employed that unemployment falls to record lows and GDP skyrockets.

It could happen, right?

This is exactly the type of forward thinking that will get us out of the economic doldrums. Kudos to you Barry.

Now it's time to start working on my patent for a doohickey methinks. I smell a big, fat government contract coming my way.


  1. What do Alaska, Hawai'i and the un-named 60th state he had to travel to do?

  2. I'm way ahead of you, dude. My attic is filled with whatsits. We're gonna make a killing.

  3. Like most politicians, he is an economic illiterate. But it works well on most of the voting population, who are illiterate in logic as well as economics.

    Someone ought to ask the imbecile where the three grand is going to come from.

    This boob isn't the problem, he's the culmination of it. (I paraphrase Thomas Sowell.)

  4. I don't have any whatzits but I'm sure if I go to the flea market down the road I can pick up some.

  5. Working on my whatsyamacallit getting ready to cash in on the big statist Wheel of Fortune.


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