Swipin' Marx

By the Left Coast Rebel 

Irony and stupidity from a place in the world that apparently embraces plenty of both:

A bank in the former East Germany asked customers what new option they’d like to see for their credit cards, and a bust of Karl Marx won  out, Reuters reports,  noting, too, that a 2008 survey showed  43% of residents in the former East Germany wanting a return to socialism.
So, swipin' Marx to pay for things (on credit no less) that free market capitalism affords?

Also, a near-majority of East Germans wax fondly for the days of socialism? Did they not see that decades-spanning giant concrete wall that locked them into their "worker's paradise"?

Plastic, Comrade


  1. It really makes you wonder what Europe will look like in about 30 years...a continent ravaged by economic depression and a growing Islamic majority tangling with a generation of native Europeans sympathetic to Marxism. Sounds like history repeating itself.

    1. At least America is not as far gone as many regions of Europe!

  2. Let's apply some skeptical thinking. Does East Germany really have freedom today, or do they just have a different kind of tyranny? Recall that the banks promoted socialism and paid for Bolshevik propaganda. They paid for Trotsky's fancy NY apartment. They paid the Bolsheviks a million dollars. They want socialism all over the world for the express purpose of controlling all the resources. Communism is state control and states can be bought pretty cheap. Knowing all this, the irony of seeing Marx's face on a Mastercard is completing the circle in my opinion.

    1. "the irony of seeing Marx's face on a Mastercard is completing the circle in my opinion."

      Well said!

  3. Follow the link and be amazed...

    Marx was "...the bearded 19th century German-born philosopher..."

    and the town the bank was built in...."Flattened during World War Two, Chemnitz was rebuilt as a model socialist city and still boasts a seven meter-tall bust of Marx in its center. The city has been economically depressed since the end of communism and its population has shrunk by 20 percent."

    Just a bunch of starry eyed commie bastids that are bitterly clinging to their ideals while moving...Forward!


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