SCOTUS Monday, June 25: Court Strikes Down Parts of Arizona's SB 1070; No Ruling Yet on ObamaCare
By the Left Coast Rebel 

If you love liberty and are a political junky (plus, you want to see the White House Occupier handed a stunning defeat against federal overreach), you are probably watching SCOTUS news this week with bated breath. The Supremes were rumored to be handing down decisions on both ObamaCare and Arizona's immigration law SB 1070 today.

Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, news just hit the wires: they only ruled on SB 1070 today and it's a mixed-bag ruling...

(Reuters) The nation's highest court, in an opinion by Justice Anthony Kennedy, unanimously upheld the state law's most controversial aspect, requiring police officers to check the immigration status of people they stop.

But in a split decision, the justices also ruled that the three other challenged provisions went too far in intruding on federal law, including one that makes it a crime for illegal immigrants to work and another that requires them to carry their documents.

What do you want to bet the ObamaCare will be mixed just as this is today? Hands up for anyone here who thinks they will strike down the individual mandate but leave the rest of the onerous law intact?

I'll still take that victory.

Via Memeorandum.

Updated: 72 hours to go for the ObamaCare ruling.

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