The Ron Paul Experiment: Lab Report

By the republican Mother


The message of liberty is one that comes out only once in a blue moon in American politics. Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan both ran with it. Ross Perot exhibited his American first attitude for a time. But it has been long time since all that, and the people of America have been waiting to run with that message, even if some of them don't even realize it. The idea that men can govern their own affairs without micromanagement from "wise men" is the idea for which Nathan Hale was hung. It's the idea for which the students at Tienanmen died. It's the idea that oppressed people everywhere fantasize about. In short, it's an idea that's bigger than anyone person. It's so grand a thing, how can it be contained in ones own heart? Or better yet, how will the tyrants attempt to keep it from spreading?


If Ron Paul, running on a liberty message of restoring the Old Republic by holding true to the spirit and letter of our beloved Constitution, tries to win the highest office in the land, how will he be received by Leviathan? Dirty tricks, media shenanigans, untold political maneuvers are expected, but what form will they take?


Run an all-out grassroots campaign. Everyone interested can use their God-given freedom to run with every idea and talent they can come up with and implement. Whether they are a game developer, musician, blogger, artist, like to talk on the phone, or can make brochures, they are free to use whatever means at their disposal to peaceably convince their fellow citizens not only of the sincerity of their hero Dr. Paul, but of the principles that he stands for.

Simultaneously, the grassroots became savvy in each and every state's delegate selection process months before most citizens were even aware that there was a state delegate process. While working to win the popular vote, grassroots supporters were also applying to be delegates in their state republican party, studying the party rules to make sure that they weren't going to be tricked by any technicalities.


After all sorts of ridicule and bias coverage by the media, always with a Hanoi Hannah " you can't win" psyop going on in the background, the polls indicating that Ron Paul was rocketing up to number right before Iowa. The eight precincts  that were to most heavily favor Ron Paul just didn't get counted. The media then concocted this story about Romney and Santorum being just that "" close. Right then, it was obvious to the grassroots that the fix was in. An old hand in Iowa politics actually got on national TV and said as much. Still, the momentum was such that Leviathan tried to black out everything Ron Paul, who they knew had grassroots support while their chosen suit, had nothing but Fed Cartel approval. Going state by state around the nation, you'll find similar stories. In Maine, when Dr. Paul's victory was clear, they just refused to receive the votes from the northern part of the state. Like Stalin said, it's not who votes, but who counts the votes. In South Carolina, we saw some strange goings on with the voting machines. And so it went across America.

Then the delegate process began. The grassroots supporters were expecting shenanigans every step of the way. Diligently studying the rules to make sure they were in the right, they voted their people in. When some of them tried to film to ensure an open and fair process, like in Missouri, they were charged with trespassing and hauled away in cuffs. See the violence inherent in the system? Leviathan cannot handle public observation on activities it hasn't screened for public viewing and lashes with a great satanic scream when sunlight is applied to it. In Washington State, we saw pre-made delegate slates to vote from. In Louisiana, we had broken fingers. In Oklahoma, lights turned out and assaults. And so it went across America in states that had more open delegate processes.

However, a strange thing began to happen, and perhaps had been happening all along. The official campaign seemed to be growing ever distant. The grassroots never complained, for we trying to be the models of self-sufficiency, didn't look to a central authority for guidance, as the liberty message is one hard-wired into every human being.  However, some thought it would be a nice touch if the official campaign would demand lost precincts be counted. Some heavy handedness regarding the arrest and assault of the delegates would have been welcome. A well placed lawyer would have been nice.

Regardless, the Ron Paul movement began winning a significant amount of delegates. Then the weirdness really began. I would pinpoint the day to May 10th, when Ron Paul went to enemy occupied territory (the Fed) to talk with a suit named Bernacke. One will notice from the campaign's website, that he was on all sorts of news shows leading up to that an nary a one for the rest of May. Then the mixed signals started coming out of the campaign. While the supporters were ready to go gung-ho for California and Texas, we get an email about not spending money there, but focusing on the delegate process. It was worded in such a way that the media ran with him dropping out. Keep in mind that the Ron Paul supporter has the "Alamo attitude" regarding his work for the liberty message. You keep slogging on no matter what because that's how much you love your country. Then you had the Rand thing happen on Shammity of all places. It's one thing to get stabbed in the back, but its another to have the nasally arrogance of Sean Hannity twist the knife. What's been going on inside that campaign?

Turns out we have a Wormtongue in our midst. While we were out hitting the pavement, typing up post after post, we had a traitor in the castle all along. A classic never dies does it? An Insider by the name of Trgve Olson (what kind of commie name is that?) was working very closely with everyone's favorite person, Jesse Benton. Please read this article by Justin Raimondo for details. Please see this interview by long-time liberty politician expert Peggy Freeman for her insight on how this campaign was run.

Don't count out the possibilities of physical threats. Recall all the other who have fought Leviathan-central banking and paid the price: Louis McFadden, the Lindbergh family, General Patton, JFK, RFK, MLK, possibly Senator Brandegee, Walter Liggett, and the list goes on.

The hardest part was the email where Ron Paul says that the delegates should "be respectful" at the convention. Respect what????????????? After some delegates were intimidated with force and all sorts of lying, underhanded tricks, the process is no longer worthy of respect. I despise the giving of respect to a form when the principle it is supposed to represent have been so obviously soiled.  This email would have been better received had his campaign fought for the people out on the ground receiving the brunt of the dirty tricks and statist behavior.

Through this most useful experiment, we have seen what Leviathan will do when it comes in contact with such a patriotic and resolute candidate as Dr. Paul. His record was above reproach. All they could dig up was the issue of some newsletters written a long time ago. They used their expected weapons: the media and their sleeper cells in every one of these fifty states. These are the same people that go along with encroachment of the federal government on the local level. Mark these people and work to unseat them. Thankfully, that is one of the upshots of this Ron Paul experiment. More liberty-minded people than ever are sitting on Republican committees, much to the chagrin of the local tools.

The local elections are where the rubber meets the road. That's where Agenda 21 will be stopped. That's where the real anti-statist education of America will occur. No one has been guarding the castle, and I'm as guilty as anyone. For the Paul supporter, we'll never quit supporting the Constitution as written. We'll never stop telling people how much defense contractors are making off war and laughing at our soldiers. We'll never stop telling people that JP Morgan runs the food stamp program. We'll never stop explaining how things are really done in this country. Oh, and there's one more thing we'll never do:

We'll never, ever vote for Mitt Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because there are only two kinds of Americas: awake and not awake. Once awakened, you can't go back to sleep. You know the threat is real. You know that Mitt Romney is on the Fed Cartel payroll, just like Obama. You know that he's going to continue the TSA groping private parts, drones across America, carbon taxes and death panels. He's going to continue everything that Obama is reviled for because that's what he's being PAID to do!!! The two-party system exists by playing football with that 5% that bounces back and forth. It's time we just stopped playing into their fear mind game and just pulled out. If a significant portion of us never voted for a Republican presidential candidate again, they'd be off-balance, which would present an opportunity. Looks like its going to be Gary Johnson to carry the torch from here on out. We're never going to quit, Leviathan -do you understand that? We're not going to buy what you're selling, no matter how you package it up. The awake American can't stand to look at you, you're so disgusting.


  1. That was a great article. I applaud Ron Paul for standing up for the 'old fashioned' (as some in the media would call it) belief in obeying the Constitution.

    I ran into a few Ron Paul Revolution supporters in Scranton. They impressed me with their zeal and honesty (which was more than I could say for the Democratic Party supporters). I'd like to see what Ron Paul started to continue and to encompass more people. The more people who get 'the message' and who are involved the more chance we have of saving our Republic from ourselves.

  2. Well written, indeed a outstanding piece of commentary.

    The fight against Leviathan is most assuredly an uphill one. As history provides the best barometer I must say the prospects for slaying the bloated beast does no look good.

    However, continuing to press the issue of freedom and real liberty for all is worth the effort and is ethically the right thing to do. Hopefully, if not in our lifetime perhaps in our grand children's, America will once again be awake.

  3. Thanks for the great feedback. The lab format was the most succinct way I could think of to express my feelings.


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