Obama "Standing By" Dem Candidate in WI Recall

by Proof

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Not content to be merely a "lame duck", Obama has made it all the way to "lame ass".
After staying conspicuously absent from the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election, President Barack Obama finally engaged tonight — with a short message on Twitter signed with his initials: ‏@BarackObama It's Election Day in Wisconsin tomorrow, and I'm standing by Tom Barrett. He'd make an outstanding governor. -bo
How lame is that? Obama can't muster the courage to actually even set foot in Wisconsin, because of the risk of rejection. If Scott Walker overcomes all the union's money and the smelly occupiers and the faux outrage over the way Walker has dragged the state back from the brink of bankruptcy, what would that say about Obama? And, after all, it is all about him! Obama might come away with the stench of weakness and inevitability of loss, so he tells his Twitter Czar to come up with some vapid generic statement to rally the troops. "I'm standing by," sends a nice passive message. Very Inspiring! /sarc Contrast his political cowardice with the macho, Osama slayer/drone warrior image he's trying so desperately to project. One Obama is bold and daring (and fictional), willing to risk his political career if the Osama intel is somehow at fault. Barry probably didn't even need that CYA memo he had prepared in case things went horribly wrong. The other Obama is too afraid to even show his face in Wisconsin, because his pollsters have told him that the Walker recall is likely going to be a loser for the Democrats. Obama can't even bring himself to give a token show of support, and like Teddy Kennedy scrambling from a sinking Oldsmobile, Obama must somehow maintain his political viability. You're on your own, Wisconsin Democrats! I expect that Wisconsin's Democrats will stand by Obama in November much like he stood by them in June. Not so close as to get any on you. Cross posted at Proof Positive

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