MSM Attacks Immigrant Journalist Who Dared to Question Obama's Controversial Immigration Agenda

By RightKlik

Immigrant Journalist Neil Munro had the audacity to question Obama's controversial immigration policy in which Obama has bypassed congress to create his own immigration law. Can you believe that a member of the White House press corps would ask Obama a pointed question? Obama's cheerleader team (MSM journalists) can't.

Here's the rundown...

Twitchy: Daily Caller’s Neil Munro interrupts President Obama

Q&O: Naturally, they declared Obama a holy personage, and designated Munro’s questions asblasphemy.

Jim Treacher: Neil Munro should've known better than to talk to Barack Obama without paying the $40,000 fee.

Gateway Pundit: OBAMA SNAPS! Lectures Reporter at Press Conference “I Didn’t Ask for an Argument” (Video)

Legal Insurrection: Uh, y do "reporters" go to Pres statement where can't ask questions? 7 yrs of college andthey're window dressing.


Unlike Mr. "Occupy White House," Ronald Reagan knew how to answer an adversarial reporter:

Another flashback:


  1. Munroe was wrong, he showed no respect for proper decorum nor for the office of the President.

    His questioning should have been withheld until the proper time, as in question and answer.

    His question was reasonable (and in my opinion his views proper), his timing extremely unprofessional.

  2. Les you are definitely correct but isn't the bigger picture here that it took a breach of decorum to field Americans concerns over this guys actions?

    1. No, unless one assumes I am the only guy who is aware of Obama's shenanigans and questionable integrity.

  3. This issue clearly demonstrates how worthless the WH press corps is. If he doesn't take questions what purpose do they serve? Answer: Teleprompter props.

    1. Questions follow prepared statements, not during.

    2. Unless the president is a Republican. This was a routine occurance during the Reagan years.

    3. I'll be sure to verify this and get back to you.

      Again, typically prepared remarks preceed questions. Then the questioning begins. It is proper decorum and proper respect for the office.

  4. Monro says he thought Obama was ending his speech. I'm not sure if I believe that, but it's a plausible claim. Can we give him the benefit of the doubt?

    If a president wants to give a perfectly scripted speech in a perfectly controlled environment, he can do it from the Oval.

    But it's time for Obama to stop treating journalists as props and transcriptionists.


    Though I was a small child during the Reagan years, I still remember Sam Donaldson's unbridled hostility toward the president. This Monro episode seems mild by comparison.

    If Monro, as an immigrant who played by the rules (and that can be very complicated, time-consuming and expensive) took this a little too personally, I think it's understandable.

    If Monro had been an immigrant journalist from one of the nations favored by leftists, and if Obama had been a Republican, the MSM would be hailing this as a moment of heroism.

  5. Reagan's response to Sam Donaldson's question was the best response I've ever heard to a Democrat trying to make a Republican look bad.


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