Live-blog: June 5, 2012 Live Wisconsin Recall Election Results (and additional June 5 primary news)

By the Left Coast Rebel


Howdy folks!

Tonight's a big night for politics; I'm heading to my local polling station just down the street and will be live-blogging throughout the evening. If we're lucky here, maybe Right Klik will drop by and update this post as well.

Cheeze or Union Thug Sleaze, Wisconsin?
Lots of primary news tonight, but like my friend WC Varones, I think that the Dairy State tonight offers the Biggest Cheese (second only to the November election, IMO) of the evening. And it's not because I like or love Scott Walker, or Republicans in general, rather it's because I think that a Walker victory is the biggest defeat the Labor Union-Democrat Industrial Complex will have suffered in eons (or ever?).

And that's good for America...

In San Diego, though I can't vote for him, I'm hoping for a Carl Demaio primary win. As a Californian, I'm also hoping that the two noxious state props --  28 and 29 -- die well-deserved twin deaths tonight.

But, this is Kalifornia; so who knows?

Also, I penciled in the bubble for Ron Paul for Prez and Gail Lightfoot for Senate (no, FYI, Gail Lightfoot is not a Marvel Comics character protest vote write-in; she's actually an honest-to-goodness candidate on the Libertarian Party ticket). As usual, the GOP here in the Once Golden State didn't even pretend to put up a fight by promoting an effective primary candidate against decades-spanning incumbent Dianne Feinstein, so Lightfoot is my way of saying, "to hell with the establishment; kiss my liberty-loving ass, suckers..."

Update 4:00 PM PST: To start things off, The New York Times has live-blog Wisconsin recall election coverage here. Also, I saw (@3:45 PST) that Matt Drudge is claiming exit polling shows a 5-point lead for Scott Walker. I'll be back after I run my ballot over to the polling place.

Update 4:10 PST: Oops, forget to mention that Wisconsin polls close at 9 PM ET, 5 PM PST.

Updated 4:15 PST: My jaw just dropped. Over at the NYT live coverage link they are profiling individual voters. They profiled a 33-year-old with kid and tow and have her saying this about the WI recall election tonight:

"I think typically this state has been a welfare state and I'd really like that to change."

Update 4:20 PST: Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has lots of links and live coverage. Prof Jacobson is steering Twitter to the Wisconsin Reporter Twitter page along with Charlie Sykes, Christian Schneider, and Kevin Binversie.

Update 4:30 PST: JSOnline has a neat WI county-wide map. You can click on each county to see results per precinct.

Update 7:39 Eastern (via RightKlik): 119% VOTER TURNOUT IN MADISON, WI (Not a typo.)

Update 7:47 Eastern (via RightKlik): Left-leaning CSM: Nothing to see here, move along.

Update 8:02 Eastern (via RightKlik): Heh! "Not only do Democrats cheat like Hell, they transparently suck at doing it." We are the 119%! (Bob Owens)

Update 5:44 PST: Just ran home from my polling place. I listened closely and in the misty distance faintly heard what I believed to be crickets chirping... there was no one voting at the polling station. It could be that it was 5:00 PM and most folks were still driving home, but still, based on my little anecdotal coastal San Diego scene, I'd say CA voter turnout is low, low, low.

Meanwhile, in dairy country, fellow blogger Hack Wilson drops a link to a video that clearly shows an election observer being ejected from a Madison, Wisconsin polling place:

Update 6:00 PM PST: Fox News' Brett Baier (cable) just said that polls are closed but the results are "too close to call".

Update 6:15 PST: My apologies, just fixed multiple grammatical errors in this post! Bloggin' on the fly has its downsides...

Update 6:17 PST: Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson on Sean Vanity's show just now, "This is an incredibly important election nationally because we need some stiff spines in Washington [...] the budget deficit that Governor Walker had the courage to lead (with) and fix is a thousand times smaller than what we are dealing with on the national level; if the reward for taking the stand and making the tough decisions to fix it, is to get booted out of office, then that will send a terrible signal to other elected officials here in Washington..."


Update 6:30 PST: Beautiful screen-cap from Drudge:

Update 6:35 PST: Bloodbath?

Updated 6:45 PST: The New York Times has 11% of the vote in with Scott Walker leading with 60% - here's a screen-cap:

I'll check back in here when 30-40% precincts are in....

Updated 6:50 PST:
I can't help myself; I'm sorry, I just can't. 20% of precincts are in; Walker has 61% and Barret has 38%.

Update 7:00 PST (10 PM ET): Fox News calls it for Scott Walker and it's a flaming, damning, ship-on-the-rocks landslide for Scott Walker and the vast Union-Democrat Taxpayer-Fleecing-Industrial Complex. I took a screen-cap from my LCD TV:

Update 8:08 PST: WC Varones sees an F'ng blowout and checks in with some absolutely delicious commentary:

As a great TelePrompTer reader once said, "This was the moment when the rise of the [unions] began to slow, and our [country] began to heal."


  1. Thanks for the updates. I'll be checking back periodically throughout the night! The union leeches will be crying their little eyes out tonight. Hehe

    1. Thanks dude, drop a link if you come across anything WI-related :)

    2. Will do. I've been combing articles for a while and will throughout the night. I'll let you know if I find anything good.

  2. Great site you have here, guys. Found you doing a google search for WI recall results!

  3. Replies
    1. Lookin' that way! Can you say Obama/Democrat party/Media/Wasserman Schultz b$tch slap?

    2. I've been watching videos of union thuggery and the liberal excrement who protested up there with a sly grin and a snicker! What a sweet win.

  4. I ran into SEIU thugs during the 2008 election. I'm not a fan of unions or their tactics.

  5. Can't wait to see the hissyfit thrown tomorrow

  6. That guy has the EXACT voice I imagine in my head whenever I read liberal editorials...nasally and desperate.


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