Depopulation Agenda is Real

by The republican Mother

Building on the cognitive dissodance post, I thought I would just throw some stuff up here on what no one in the media will cover: the fact that the Elite see us as sheep (which you already guessed), but they see us as too many sheep. Think back to the reason why the Baby Moses was in the basket, and you have the same situation replicated on a global scale. But don't take my word for it, listen to your taxpayer funded officials explain how upset they are by it:

Ice Age ahead

There is a single theme behind all our work—we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess,  that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism to reduce it. Our program in El Salvador didn’t work. The infrastructure was not there to support it. There were just too goddamned many people… To really reduce population, quickly, you have to pull all the males into the fighting and you to kill significant numbers of fertile age females… The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa, or through disease like the Black Death…--Thomas Ferguson, State Department Office of Population Affairs, February 1981 interview by Lonnie Wolfe, Special Report EIR(Executive Intelligence Review) March 10, 1981 

``The Mexican population must be reduced by half. Seal the border and watch them scream.'' And, asked how this population reduction would be accomplished, the speaker replied: ``By the usual means: famine, war, and pestilence.'' --William Paddock, State Department consultant, 1975 interview  
Surely all this applies only to dirty third worlders, not Americans, right? Not so, says William Paddock:

Q: Is the U.S. overpopulated?
A: Yes.
Q: What's your thinking on it?
A: I think if we had 100 million people, it would be really
Q: How would we get to that level given where we are
now? Is that possible without a war?
A: Well, there's a man putting together an organization
called One Hundred Million Americans, and he's trying
to show how it can be done. I don't think it can be done.
We haven't bit the bullet ourselves. Look at the number
of illegal aliens that we permit coming in here.

And then, of course you have Kissinger's famous (well, to those that follow this stuff) State Department Memo 200 on depopulating the planet

Worldwide Abortion Practices
Certain facts about abortion need to be appreciated:
-- No country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion.
-- Thirty million pregnancies are estimated to be terminated annually by abortion
throughout the world. The figure is a guess. More precise data indicate about 7 percent
of the world's population live in countries where abortion is prohibited without
exception and 12 percent in countries where abortion is permitted only to save the life
of the pregnant woman. About 15 percent live under statutes authorizing abortion on
broader medical grounds, that is, to avert a threat to the woman's health, rather than to
her life, and sometimes on eugenic and/or juridical grounds (rape, etc.) as well.
Countries where social factors may be taken into consideration to justify termination of
pregnancy account for 22 percent of the world's population and those allowing for
elective abortion for at least some categories of women, for 36 percent. No information
is available for the remaining 8 percent; it would appear, however, that most of these
people live in areas with restrictive abortion laws.

Were you ticked off about paying for other American's contraception? NSSM 200 has Americans paying for the contraception of the whole world:

A stepwise increase over the next 3 years to a total of about $100 million annually for
fertility and contraceptive research is recommended. This is an increase of $60 million over the current $40 million expended annually by the major Federal Agencies for biomedical research.
Of this increase $40 million would be spent on short-term, goal directed research. The current expenditure of $20 million in long-term approaches consisting largely of basic biomedical research would be doubled. This increased effort would require significantly increased staffing of the federal agencies which support this work. Areas recommended for further research are:
1. Short-term approaches: These approaches include improvement and field testing of
existing technology and development of new technology. It is expected that some of these approaches would be ready for use within five years. Specific short term approaches worthy of increased effort are as follows:
a. Oral contraceptives have become popular and widely used; yet the optimal steroid
hormone combinations and doses for LDC populations need further definition.
Field studies in several settings are required. Approx. Increased Cost: $3 million
and so it goes on and on how much each contraception method will cost to implement.
Oh, you don't like sex ed here in America? Then you're not going to like how i 1974, they were planning it all over the freaking world:

Present efforts at reducing birth rates in LDCs, including AID and UNFPA assistance, are directed largely at adults now in their reproductive years. Only nominal attention is given to population education or sex education in schools and in most countries none is given in the very early grades which are the only attainment of 2/3-3/4 of the children. It should be obvious, however, that efforts at birth control directed toward adults will with even maximum success result in acceptance of contraception for the reduction of births only to the level of the desired family size ── which knowledge, attitude and practice studies in many countries indicate is an average of four or more children.
The great necessity is to convince the masses of the population that it is to their individual and national interest to have, on the average, only three and then only two children. 

But surely businessmen don't share these views. Look at what Ted Turner has to say. Remember he is the largest private landowner in the US. He has five children, but he points out that the youngest was born when the world's population was but a mere 3 billion.

A total world population of 240-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.
--Ted Turner, Audubon magazine
Maybe he was misquoted, let's get that on tape, shall we?

A one child family for 100 years!! Guess he's planning on cutting down on my grandkids, so you can see why I take it kind of personal.

And then you've got your Georgia Guidestones, which someone paid a LOT of money to have engraved in granite: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Here's Alan Watt, who does a great job sourcing his quotes, going through some more. He also opens up with some great points on psychopaths. As a person who's had personal experience with a psychopath, I can attest to his assessment.

Glenn Beck highlighted Bernard Shaw on tape admitting all this:

Need more scary stuff? These people own the medical establishment in this country. In the third world, it has been proven that HcG hormone was added to the tetanus vaccine. Then these international groups spoken of in NSSM 200, mandated that pregnant women in targeted areas, like the Philippines, get the tetanus vaccine. The result was the baby was aborted and the woman was sterilized.

The master race thing never dies, it just changes names. As the mother of five, may I say to Bill Gates and David Rockefeller a hearty bwahaha:

The Christian recognizes the total depravity that is the work of Satan. These DPEs (demonically possessed entities, I won't dignify them by calling them humans) are very much working to shut the average person (defined as someone not hell-bent on global domination) out of everything, politics, the economy, and basic human rights.

They don't need us anymore. Get it? They used the American work ethic to innovate and build up infrastructure, like telecom and high tech, and now they're done with it. Time to reduce the herd, for there will be no jobs for us, as they control through the multinationals so much of industry. But if you want to keep on whining about democrats and liberals, be my guest. Meanwhile, your doom will be silently plotted via Agenda 21 planning boards, figuring out how to control your life.

Have a nice day.


  1. I suggest that you break this into smaller bites. The average person cannot process things that go against what they want to believe in large chunks.

    1. Good point! It's kind of a catch 22. You want to thoroughly back what you say up for fear you're not going to be believed. But then you have to balance the fact that when you shatter someone's paradigm too hard, it starts to break.

      Read this post over time, ya'll - I don't want to short anyone's circuits.

  2. Tell any Planned Parenthood supporter who Margaret Sanger really was and their heads explode.

  3. Personally, I find the idea of unlimited reproduction as a fundamental right to be absurd. It's personally and societally irresponsible (and probably immoral) to have children that you cannot properly raise and provide for.

    The world also does have more people than the planet can probably support, although that number is somewhat flexible depending on technologies and such. Overpopulation is a real problem, though.

    If I were in charge, and I was trying to address this problem, I'd have a variation of China's "one child" policy. It would be something like: you can have one child for every multiple of the average household income you report on your taxes. There would be free birth control available. Any "illegal" children you have are taken from you, and offered for adoption in a geographically-separate area, and repeat-offenders would be sterilized.

    Now I admit, that's a pretty harsh policy, and I would be reviled (probably by many people on this blog). However, allowing out-of-control population growth is a real problem, as is the degradation of the gene pool caused by the least-productive people having the most children (statistically). My plan, however monstrous it would be perceived as, would help solve both of those problems.

    1. God provides for me and my children, always has, always will.

      The entire Western world is in demographic collapse. Russia pays people to have more kids. If it weren't for Latina teens, the US would be in the same situation. Lots of resources are locked down by the organized money. The overpopulation crap is a bunch of bullcrap the statists trumpet to get their own way. I'm not falling for it.

      Sounds like you've got a major statist streak there bub. Your plan would get you shot is what it would get you. The degradation of the gene pool? Were you not listening in evolutionary biology class, champ? I'll just assume you're just jerking around, but if your kind came near me with that sh&t, I'd seriously mess you up. Your plan fails in a 2nd amendment country.

    2. I realize I'm a bit late in responding; forgot to come check for retorts...

      This is why I consider myself an independent, despite generally being associated with right-wing people/blogs/ideas. I wouldn't personally consider myself to be a statist in any meaningful way, but if it were a societal goal to address overpopulation, especially in a way which did not simply allow the least capable and/or law-abiding people to breed the most, it would require a societal-level solution (state or otherwise).

      I assure you, though, I mean what I say. I could defend my academic and intellectual credentials, but I surmise they would fall on deaf ears, given your baseless assumptions about my general ideological leanings. You are certainly correct, though, on the point that it would be difficult to implement such a plan, especially in an area/country where the lowest-common-denominator has means and resolve to defend their religion-derived "right" to unlimited reckless procreation. I don't suspect governments, regardless of motivation, will have much success stemming the tide of overpopulation, or devolution through societal semi-selective breeding of the least-fit. My 2c.

    3. Nick. You are a statist, you espout pro tax sentiment and EXTENSIVE state control, so much you think the state should control our bodies, our sex lives, and our God given right to have children. Not a statist!?#$ lmao!

  4. Wow.
    I couldn't track down the Paddock interview. Do you have a link?

    1. Sure thing, Shane. Brace yourself because the pdf article is from the LaRouche magazine. One thing is for sure, when we track down the evil, whether you're a Bircher or a LaRouche person, we all come to the same tainted fountain.

      Here is the Haig-Kissenger Depopulation Policy by Lonnie Wolf,


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