De Facto Amnesty

 By the Left Coast Rebel 

I'm sure you all are aware that King Obama yesterday signed an unconstitutional executive order granting pseudo amnesty to nearly one million young(er) illegal immigrants. I'm not going to rehash the event but HAD TO check in with some thoughts here.

Point 1: Immigration
Our immigration system is broken in every possible sense. We need to shutter our southern border and institute a rational immigration policy that rewards hard work, talent, industriousness and opens up this nation's borders to the best and brightest across the world. A rational immigration overhaul could reinvigorate our economy and be one of the pieces of the puzzle that gets us out of our current government-induced malaise. As of now, our dysfunctional immigration system perpetuates the precise opposite of this. We reward law-breaking. We look the other way by allowing an unchecked inflow of third-world immigrants (many of whom become beneficiaries of government largess) and at the same time turn away PhDs from India. We look the other way to garner votes and irreversibly change America from within (Dems) or to take advantage of cheap labor (Repubs).

Rule of Law, or Not?
The destruction of our system of checks and balances and separation of power (as evidenced by Obama's Friday evening DREAM Act executive order overriding Congress) is a far more pressing and dangerous issue than his blatant electioneering attempt at pseudo amnesty. It is periless for America that our chief executive would do something like this to garner votes for his floundering reelection.

Obama knows this. Here's what the King said in 2011:

"This notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true," Mr. Obama told the reporters. "There are laws on the books that I have to enforce. I think that there's been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the DREAM Act passed... by perpetrating the notion that by myself I can go and do these things."

Have we simply gotten used to this gang's unconstitutional shenanigans?

Update: Excellent post today on Obama, the rule of law and what it all means at Temple of Mut.


  1. Well said Reb.

    Neither side wants comprehensive immigration reform because, as you stated, they both benefit from the current broken system.

    The only losers in the game are the taxpayers like us and since when do we matter?

    1. Agreed. We haven't mattered for decades - after all, all we do is line and pay the bills for their schemes.

  2. Ditto what Chris said. As an aside, I believe Utah's AG came out with a statement Obama was within his authority with respect to his executive order. Indeed we are in trouble.

    Especially since Congress has chose to do diddily

  3. When do I get my tax amnesty? I was born into this oppressive country with its greedy government through no fault of my own. Or something.

    1. Hear, hear. It's not my fault that my parents raised me in this country, it's by no fault of my own, as a young person, that I am inheriting an oppressive country and greedy government that will stop nothing short of confiscating my entire earnings, bankrupting my children and destroying the future of this nation...

  4. The President seems to rule by decree and by judges who don't follow the law.


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