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By the Left Coast Rebel 

(The following is a sponsored post)

Regular Left Coast Rebel  visitors have likely noticed the cool "RIGHT" Reagan image at the top of the left sidebar here in the same vein as the "Hope" Obama 2008 campaign image created by artist Shepard Fairey.

The Reagan "RIGHT" image actually represents a conservative poster created by the fine folks at, an on-line company spreading the good news of the conservative movement through various iterations of figures and images representing limited government and individual freedom...

It doesn't just start and stop with Ronald Reagan, though.

For example, has libertarian posters like this Ludwig von Mises image (click each image below to be directed to the site):

They also carry Tea Party posters like this favorite of  mine -- Founding Father Thomas Jefferson's image and words of timeless wisdom:

This conservative poster is fantastic, too:

All of the conservative posters available at are printed on high-quality, fingerprint resistant royal satin poster paper with a fine-grain luster finish and only archival quality inks are used.

Be sure to look up as election season heats up!


  1. They really have some great stuff.

    1. Indeed! I wish them the best of success and appreciate their support for LCR as well.


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