US Attorney General Eric Holder Held in Contempt

By Proof

U S Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress on two separate votes, one civil and one criminal. I heard Mr. Holder give a statement in his own defense, where he tried lamely to state that Fast and Furious was a continuation of a Bush era program. Unfortunately for Holder and other liars in this administration, operation Wide Receiver, which was started under the Bush administration, with the knowledge and cooperation of the Mexican government, was able to actually track a much smaller number of guns.
The program was shut down two years prior to the Obama administration's Fast and Furious, because of the difficulty in keeping track of the weapons.

In addition, the Obama administration did not inform the Mexican government of the program, nor were any arrests made, as was the case under Wide Receiver.

Fast and Furious is a wholly owned subsidiary of the oxymoronically named "Obama Justice Department", which sent false testimony to Congress denying that the program even existed.

Tell that to Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and some 200-300 dead Mexican citizens killed with weapons obtained illegally and "walked" across the border, aided and abetted by the Obama DOJ.

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  1. Prior to the vote, on the floor of the House, Issa held up the wiretap affidavits for Fast and Furious, stating that they described gun walking as an investigative technique used, and that the affidavits were signed off by the AG or his Deputy. It is a lie for Holder and others to say they never heard of this technique, or that they stopped it when they did. The DOJ has not issued any such policy stopping 'gun walking'...

    1. Holder is clearly lying about many things. Despite his "friends in high places", I hope they nail him for the cover up, if nothing else.

  2. It will no doubt be quite interesting. If justice prevails Holder will be forced to resign at the very least methinks.

  3. "Left Coast Rebel" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors to here.

  4. On this issue, I find Jerome Corsi's take to be most enlightening. It's on how Eric Holder's legal firm, Covington and Burling, the place he hangs while he's not in a government position, does all kinds of money laundering for the drug cartels and the big banks. You guys do realize that the bailout banks, the CIA, and our government work hand in glove with the drug trade. That's one reason they keep it illegal--more $$$ for them. They don't keep their money in briefcases and sacks, but in accounts at the big bailout banks.

    And then you've got the series of exposes that cost a journalist his life:

    Then you'll recall that Bill Clinton looked the other way with the drug running in and out of Arkansas-a long documentary, but informative:
    (I really love Sarah McClendon!)


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