Bob Corker Must GO!

Sponge Bob Corker, a man so oily that if he were on board the Enterprise during that episode where everyone reverts back to a lower form of life, he'd definitely become some slimy salamander like creature. Channel your love of country and hatred of liberals by getting rid of this bankster tool.
Let's go through the many reasons why this must be done.

From the Tennessee Campaign for Liberty, we have this jewel of Senator Bob Corker unsure of the LOST treaty, you know the one that give the UN the right to every pool of water on planet earth.

TN CFL reports:

LOST is a treaty which grants more power to the United Nations from the United States. It also imposes burdensome regulations, taxes, and licenses upon American businesses.
The Democrat majority in the US Senate has indicated that it may very well be brought forward in a lame duck session of Congress after the 2012 November election but before the swearing-in of the new class of Senators.
 One anonymous political insider remarked that "Corker would not have given this kind of answer if he was going to vote against it... his response indicates he is going to vote for it but doesn't want to tell his conservative Republican base about it before the election".
The only thing that will stop Senator Corker from voting for this globalist aberration is to apply pressure from the voters in Tennessee. Please e-mail his staff and tell them that Senator Corker should vote AGAINST ratification of the Law Of The Sea Treaty:
Chief of Staff:
todd_womack@corker.senate.govLegislative Director:
ryan_berger@corker.senate.govPress Secretary:

Bob Corker has over 12 million dollars in his war-chest. His closest opponents, Zach Poskevich and Brenda Lenard have raised around $50,000 a piece.  Where does Bob get all this money? Let's visit Open Secrets to find out:

Goldman Sachs$71,700
Southwestern Co$68,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co$64,000
FedEx Corp$61,300
Pilot Corp$57,200
Hercules Holding$55,600
Eastman Chemical$52,650
Miller & Martin$48,105
International Paper$42,100
Unum Group$41,000
Welsh, Carson et al$40,700
Powell Construction$39,500
Elliott Management$37,500
Credit Suisse Group$37,250
First Horizon National$35,800
Baker, Donelson et al$35,200
Blue Cross/Blue Shield$33,700
IntercontinentalExchange Inc$32,170

Any Questions?
Now granted, the above totals to just over $890,000 dollars. Where have the other millions come from?
Well almost $1.4 million came from PACS in $5K-$10K increments.

Individual Contributions $9,146,538 (73% of all contributions)
Small Individual Contributions (like from regular people) $250,594 (2%)
Large Individual Contributions (like from Mr. Moneybags) $7,398,340 (59%)
PAC Contributions $2,538,242 (20%)
Mr. Corker himself $500,000 (4%)
Other ??? $322,898 (3%)

Also note that he has already spent $5,000,000 bucks on this campaign season. Yeah, really need to stick it to Zach and Brenda who are asking donations just to pay for gas money and hotel rooms to get around this very, very long state of ours. Can't risk the commoners getting uppity. Since I don't have a TV running all the time and have switched off the enemy propaganda outlets, I couldn't tell you if Corker has been running ads, but I don't really think so. What in the world has he spent $5 million on??? Let's take a peek at what Bob's been doing this campaign season already via Open Secrets:

Golf Outing@ Honors Course Golf Course
Beneficiaries: Rock City PAC
Contribution: $2,500 PAC; $1,100 Individual

Breakfast@ The Williams & Jensen Townhouse
Beneficiaries: Bob Corker
Hosted by: Advanced Biohealing
Contribution: Host: $2,500 PAC; $1,000 Individual | Attend: $1,000 PAC; $500 Individual

Lunch@ American Council of Life Insurers
Beneficiaries: Bob Corker
Hosted by: ACLI PAC American Commercial Lines
Contribution: $1,000 PAC; $500 Individual

Lunch@ Hogan Lovells, LLP
Beneficiaries: Bob Corker
Hosted by: Jeff Munk, Jade West, Kate Fulton, Robert Glennon
Contribution: Host: 5,000 | Attend: $2,000 PAC; $1,000 Personal

Dinner@ Carmine's
Beneficiaries: Bob Corker
Hosted by: Mat Lapinski
Contribution: $2500 PAC host; $1000 personal host;$1000 PAC; $500 personal

Breakfast@ National Republican Senatorial Committee
Beneficiaries: Bob Corker
Hosted by: Bob Marsh, Kerry Feehery, Robert (Bob) G Stevenson
Contribution: Host: $2,500 PAC; $1,500 Individual | Attendee: $1,000 PAC; $500 Individual

Breakfast@ National Republican Senatorial Committee
Beneficiaries: Bob Corker
Hosted by: Todd Womack
Contribution: Host: $2,500 PAC; $1,000 Personal | Attend: $1,000 PAC; $500 Personal

Dinner@ Fiola Ristoranta
Beneficiaries: Bob Corker
Hosted by: Sam Geduldig
Contribution: Host: $2,500 PAC; $1,000 Personal | Attend: $1,000 PAC; $500 Personal

And so it goes all the way back to 2009, when he started his re-election bid. Recall the town halls he tried to do during that time. It was a disaster. He was handed a Constitution and told to read it. Heh heh. He hasn't really come back to mix with us little people since. He seems to prefer the comfort of the  $500 a plate fundraiser. However, I saw that here in Wilson County, he was being hosted by the local Republican Party at $50 a plate for their Reagan Day dinner.

 These people have no shame, the only thing they understand is total shunning and public humiliation. I could get into how Bob Corker is in the words of Bill Frist's campaign manager, "pond scum", but I'll just allow you to discover that for yourself.

From the Knoxville Sun, an alternative media source which Knoxville desperately needs, has the following summary:

Corker voted for the new START treaty with Russia which is unconstitutional because of its provision allowing modification without senate consent and he's voted for continuing resolutions instead of forcing a budget vote as outlined in the Constitution, said Poskevich. His vote for the Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act also circumvents the Senate's Constitutional duty of approval. 
Corker also supported the Protect IP Act, better known as PIPA, which would have interfered with Internet freedom of speech. In addition to Constitutional concerns, Poskevich's platform includes protecting the sanctity of human life, reducing the size of government and the national debt, securing the border and reforming the tax code. 

Please check out the websites of Zach Poskevich and Brenda Lenard. I think both of them are patriotic people who are willing to stand up and go the distance to unseat Corker. I kind of wish those candidates running against Corker would form a League of Super friends so the machine won't divide and conquer the patriot vote in this state.  I'll have to expand on this, because one thing I've noticed is that there isn't enough Bob Corker call-outs on the internet. The internet by the way has been around 20 years now, and there's no excuse for acting all stupid and ignorant on the loss of sovereignty and the obvious subversion of our laws - going back to the the vid at the top.


  1. Its tragic that we have exactly zero control over the people in Washington who were elected to represent us. Its mindnumbing to think that an elected US official would be willing to surrender US sovereignty to a foreign power like the UN. The UN has outlived its usefulness and it is mostly a failure. Its time for us to get out of it.

    1. I believe its called taxation without representation.

      Bob is a paid useful idiot to carry forward this agenda. He may actually believe the crap he's saying.

      The UN was designed by the big banks to consolidate control and enact their agenda. Just look at the names and their interlock of those behind the UN every step of the way.

      I would love to see the US get out of the UN, but when you look back at the history of these one-worlders, you can see that they had a plan for the UN to be a leech to suck out the money of the US to fund their world domination operation. Check out the LA Times 1962 article on State dept memo 7727 for an illustration.

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  5. unfortunately, I don't think sponge bob has any serious competition

    1. I remember seeing a poll done about a year and a half ago, showing Bob loosing to a "generic" conservative. If you define serious as having money, then you're right. I think that Zach Poshevich is doing the best. He's getting the favor of the TN Tea Parties. Maybe we need an Anyone But Bob PAC.

    2. In addition to all the money, Bob also has a great advantage in terms of political clout in the state. And Zach Poshevich has almost zero name recog. If Zach gets into the double digits against Bob, I'll be pleasantly shocked.


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