Backstabber of the Day: Jeb Bush

By RightKlik

Like all good liberals, Jeb Bush says the Republican Party is being taken over by radical right-wing rednecks and despicable libertarian conservatives who are so extreme in their extremist extremism that they'd run Ronald Reagan out. Yeah, sure. That's EXACTLY the sort of dynamic that would lead to the nomination of Mitt Romney the uber squish.

Jeb is taking a well-deserved drubbing for his blithering foolishness:

Whatever its source, the notion that Reagan would have difficulty being nominated today is laughable. The Republican party is about to nominate Mitt Romney, whose offenses against conservative orthodoxy outweigh any that Reagan had committed when he won the nomination in 1980, and any that he committed thereafter judged even by today’s standards. Romney’s opponents plausibly called him a Massachusetts moderate. Anyone who called Reagan a California moderate would have been laughed out of the campaign, and not just for a poor sense of alliteration.
Bush 41′s finding common ground with Democrats paved the way for eight years of Bill Clinton. Is that the sort of functional party that Jeb Bush wants? — one that compromises on bad policy and hurts the country and itself at the same time? One that just becomes Democrat-lite rather than pulling Democrats over to support conservative ideas?
If this isn't "a blithe acceptance of the terms of debate as dictated by our opponents," then I don't know what is... [The] activist conservative base ... spent the 15 years between the beginning of the Republican Revolution and the end of the George W. Bush Administration learning that giving GOP elected officials a long leash only made them more likely to break it.
Jebby, your analysis is about as cogent as Ronald Reagan JUNIOR’S.

Go away now. You talked too much and now people know you’re a moron. You should have stayed silent and rode that myth that you’re a rising star in the GOP. You’re rising like Meghan McCain.

I think it's time to turn "jeb" into an unflattering verb.


  1. Well said, dude, I saw this earlier and was so disgusted that I didn't know quite how to approach it.

    We should start a Twitter campaign that makes "jeb" synonymous with statist, lib, RINO, the Republican statist establishment...

    1. Liberal Republicans crumble under the slightest pressure. Jeb was at the headquarters of Bloomberg LP in Manhattan when he made his remarks. I guess he knew this would impress his statist peers in NY.

    2. Exactly, and the statist neo-consertatives in the GOP hierarchy scour the daily NYT headlines to determine their "agenda" and where to take the "conservative" movement.

  2. Didn't hear about this until now, but what little respect I had for Jeb Bush just sank a whole lot lower.

  3. A little different perspective of 1981 - 1988 (Regan Years) from The Mises Institute.

  4. it isn't being "taken over". it's being saved.

  5. Typical establishment RINO rhetoric coming from the family that began the largest entitlement spending spree the country is now continuing under Obama. The day Bush Jr., gave all that money to Africa (for AIDS) began the floodgates of prolifigate spending. The battle for taking back the Republican party through "conservative tea party" individuals scares the like of the Bush's as much as the Obama's and his minions.


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