(VIDEO) Paul Krugman v. Ron Paul

 By the Left Coast Rebel

This Paul v. Paul Bloomberg showing (first ever?) took place a few days ago on the cable stock market network; better late than never posting it here as it automatically goes down as an instant classic, or...

Paul v. Paul; Dr. Liberty v. America's Chief Leviathan Spokeshole:

Hat-tip: Smitty @ The Other McCain

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PS, Smitty: Have you heard the new single "Headlong Flight" from Rush's upcoming album Clockwork Angels?

If not, feast your ears, mate:

Updated: More on the album from an interview with Neil Peart appearing in Classic Rock's Prog magazine:

... "I feel a certain urgency, I really want to get that record made while I'm still able to," he says. "It was hard for me to set the album aside to tour, this really means a lot to me, I intend it to be my highest achievement lyrically and drumming wise, so I really want to get it done while we still can."
"Nick is a very bad influence," Peart continues. "He wants us to be more Rush than we are, it's wonderful, he pushes me in ways I wouldn't dare. In the middle of Caravan there's a ridiculous fill and it was Nick who wanted me to go all the way down the toms and back up again and once I'd done it, my comment was, 'I'm so ashamed!'," he laughs. "He was in the studio outlining his idea to me, and Geddy's sitting down next to us and he looks up over his glasses and says, 'Oh, he wants to make you famous'. I would have never have proposed some of Nick's arrangement ideas to my bandmates, I'm not that brash, we're not that brash ... we're Canadians." ...


  1. Awesome Paul vs Paul video showdown!

    1. Unfortunatly the wrong Paul seems to have the majority sentiment.

      I seem to hear the echo of Ben. Perhaps lt's just me.


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