Tragedy Strikes: Voters Reject Dick Lugar

By RightKlik 

Truly shocking and tragic: After only 36 years in the U.S. Senate, octogenarian Dick Lugar was sent to early retirement, against his wishes, by an overwhelming majority of those who voted in Indiana on Tuesday...
Back-scratching, big-government, business-as-usual statists were among the hardest hit:

Democratic Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called Lugar's loss "a tragedy for the Senate."
"This is a tough period in American politics, but I'd like to think that we'll again see a United States Senate where Dick Lugar's brand of thoughtful, mature, and bi-partisan work* is respected and rewarded," he said. "That kind of seriousness of purpose should never go out of fashion."
Added President Obama in a statement: "While Dick and I didn't always agree on everything, I found during my time in the Senate that he was often willing to reach across the aisle and get things done.**"

*bi-partisan work = capitulating to Democrats
**get things done = grow government, always moving leftward
Don't the voters know that even if their power-hungry Senator moves out of his "home" state, completely losing touch with his constituents' values, it's their patriotic duty to return the incumbent to his rightful position so he can continue make Mad Dealz™ with massive amounts of borrowed money? This is what responsible adults do!

Reactions from the Right:

Just a few weeks ago a Mourdock victory was considered, at best, highly unlikley. But a blowout like this was considered beyond the realm of possibility.

Indiana Republicans have concluded, wisely in my opinion, that [Lugar] is not conservative enough for them or for the State.

Any elected Republican that doesn't pursue a small government agenda once in office risks suffering the same fate as Lugar.

Lugar's much-vaunted civility is a courtesy he extends only to his left; turning to his right, he becomes a churl.

So you’re serving us, Senator Lugar, but you’re the one being treated like royalty everywhere you go?

Right now, politically speaking, the Tea Party seems to be a bullhorn, amplifying deep and abiding concerns of the American electorate.

Obama’s favorite Republican — Dick Lugar — is history, and the Tea Party lives. 

The Left freaks out:

The toppling of Lugar is a seminal event ... it is just as easy to see in it the frightening outlines of a future systemic crisis.

As today’s Indiana outcome shows, the Koch/AFP/Tea Party Axis of Evil can take down an insufficiently obeisant GOP Senator.

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  1. Thank you Indiana, for restoring people's faith. A wonderful day - if only we could repeat this with all the other old spenders.

  2. Not Conservative. Moderate. Typical GOP elitist. Good riddance, you useful idiot. The Conservatives are now in town. See ya.

    The first real shot across the bow of the USS RINO has been fired. May there be many, many more. It's time to sink that fleet of moderate royalty.

  3. He stated that he hopes a democrat wins his seat. Dude, considering you had pride in being Obama's favorite Republican, a democrat winning that seat would make no difference had you kept it. Now take pride that being associated with the worse president in modern, if not downright all of the nation's, history and the voters of a state that you don't even live in much less understand demonstrates that the people of Indiana have more brains than all of the leftist states combined, including California. Good Bye, you worthless RINO!!!


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