Ron Paul's Stealth Delegate Candidacy Continued

Ron Paul May 4 UCSD
By the Left Coast Rebel

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

Ron Paul scored big victories at the Maine and Nevada Republican Party conventions on Sunday. In both states his forces won the majority of delegates to this summer's national GOP convention in Tampa, Fla.

As we noted Sunday, this means Mr. Paul’s strategy of organizing the grass roots and working arcane delegate selection rules is paying off. And that could mean big trouble for Mitt Romney and his plans to smoothly pivot to a campaign aimed solely at incumbent President Obama.
Paul’s highly organized campaign continues to amass what Mr. Putnam labels “stealth delegates” – delegates pledged to Romney, or one of the withdrawn GOP candidates – who are personally in favor of the libertarian congressman from Texas. It’s hard to determine how many such folks Paul has, or what they’ll do in Tampa. For instance, what if Paul supporters who are bound to vote for Romney in the first round by state rules simply abstain from casting their ballots? That might keep Romney under the 1,144 votes he needs to win the nomination – even if he actually (sort of) has those votes in hand!

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We'll see how this all pans out eventually. Is a brokered convention possible? Likely not. What remains obvious, however, is that the young people so motivated by Ron Paul are changing the GOP from within. They're beating the crooked Republican establishment at their crooked games and slowly taking over the party. I'm not surprised by this as I witnessed this phenonomen with my own eyes here at the UCSD May 4 Ron Paul rally. 

Bonus: Brian Doherty at has a good writeup on the Paul delegate situation as well.

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