(PHOTOS) Ron Paul Draws Huge Crowd May 4, UCSD

By the Left Coast Rebel

As hinted at and previewed yesterday, I attended the May 4 Ron Paul Townhall sponsored by Youth for Ron Paul. The event took place at UCSD's Warren Hall and the crowd was huge -- I've seen estimates that as many as 6500 people attended the event. Several beers later, through Los Angeles-rivaling epic Friday evening San Diego rush-hour traffic and thick and thin, my good friend and liberty compatriot WC Varones and I hit the skids to see the ubiquitous and magnanimous Dr. Constitution.

After we parked, WC Varones and I walked a fair distance, snaking our way from the parking lot to the Warren Mall area -- beautiful campus, by the way.

As we approached the then-swelling pre-Ron-Paul-appearance crowd I snatched a Ron Paul For President 2012 flyer...


When I opened the flyer, I thought quitely: it's no wonder Paul is considered the principled Constitutional limited-government candidate; his stance on every single issue aligns almost perfectly with the Founders of the once-great nation:

As I moved through the crowds I spotted some get-out-the-vote volunteers: Several registration tables were set up instructing folks to sign up for GOP registration - Good job and positive spirits, guys (and gals):

I then mingled within the crowd and caught a glimpse of this Peace & Sound Money mini-Zepellin, circled back, and took a pic:

WC Varones and I started to make our way closer to the speaker's podium; attendees continued trickling in exponentially and a few blue and red Ron Paul balloons floated by.


I took this shot closer to the podium about a half-hour before Paul arrived:

A lonely and seemingly fearlessly brave Romney supporter worked his way around the plethora of Paul supporters. I noticed that he was handing out some kind of literature; I thought that it was something that probably attacked Ron Paul based on the "newsletters", or something disparaging of his character or those associated with the liberty movement (the next pic proves just how wrong I was on that)....

...turns out the "Romney" supporter was... actually not a Mittens supporter.

Here's the print-out he was handing out (it's a tad blurry but the message is intact: get out the vote for Ron Paul!):


More of the get the vote out effort for California's GOP primary (next month)....


Monica is an awesome patriotic Ron Paul organizer. I came across her on the intertubes a while back and we've kept in touch now and then...

This shot turned out a little spooky...

A brooding, ominous darkness slowly settled upon the crowd. The air was thick; you could almost cut it with a knife. I heard a call -- a howl, perhaps? -- in the fleeting pre-dusk distance....

A phantasmic glowing Ron Paul head strangely and ominously floated above the crowd...

Speaking of extraterrestrials: here's a shot of the "spaceship" campus building directly behind the podium just minutes before Paul hit the stage:

And here he is!...


I took this picture standing in the crowd, looking back at the campus. Anger, Faith, Envy... and a full moon?

Thoughts on the Ron Paul rally:
  • Ron Paul is a rock star. He's pushing 80 and he's clearly a rock star.
  • Paul's speech was strictly off-the-cuff. He didn't read from a teleprompter nor did he even have notes that he worked from (that I could see). Instead, he started with an idea or topic and his speech flowed from there. His speaking style is a bit rough (jumping to different topics quickly, etc. but it's fascinating to see how authentic his oratory chops are -- very inspirational).
  • He hit on wars and the Military-Industrial Complex quite a bit. The mostly-young crowd loved that. But he also warned against the academic (college professor) dominant attitude of economic intrusion (Keynsianism), and that our nation's leadership (Democrat and Repubican) have betrayed our founding ideals and supplanted them with socialism and crony capitalism. Group identity and group thought, he said, are veiled forms of collectivism that inherently rob individuals of their dreams, hopes, aspirations and freedom. Ron Paul preached the genius of the Founders and explained just why individual liberty is the highest ideal a free society can attain (and how, sadly, America has jettisoned this ideal).
  • The crowd was dominated by youth and the most diverse rally I have ever seen: Tea-Partiers, Hard-line and little 'l' libertarians, Peace-nicks, Pot-nicks, Gun-nuts, teenagers, traditional GOPers, grannies and grandpas, children, mohawk-sporting tatt'd-out dudes and gals, bearded liberty activists, Secret Service-appearing Republican operatives (no joke).... and a huge variety of race, color and creed.
  • When was the last time ANY Republican motivated young people so? And that's the essence of who Ron Paul his. He animates and motivates the youth in a positive way, a positive message that echoes America's Founders; ideas that are timeless yet shockingly forgotten today. I got the feeling that many of the young people in attendance didn't know what to expect and, for the first time, heard the message of LIBERTY. Will they go forth and change America for the better? Will they be cogs in the wheel of a future liberty machine that saves America from its progressive-statist and/or neo-conservative dystopia? It's hard to say. Nevertheless, his message will leave an indelible impression on people that are least willing to consider a different way of looking at the world. Love him, like him, hate him -- or something in-between -- that's where real "hope and change" starts in the hearts and minds of decades-spanning visionaries like Ron Paul and those inspired by him.

Updated: WC Varones has more, including video of the night.

Updated x2: Ron Paul's San Diego appearance draws more than Dear Leader's Ohio campaign launch?

Updated x3: This Fox 6 News report does a (surprisingly) good job at capturing the moment:



  1. Ron Paul, while he ought to be the next POTUS sadly will not. Our best hope in the immediate is to begin to rally around Gary Johnson.

    Ron Paul should have declared as a libertarian. He would have taken all those ago find him inspirational with him, he would have strengthened the libertarian party and put it on a path to greater prominence.

    It remains to be seen whether the energy created by Paul will have any effect in a ideologically dishonest neocon republican party.

    I guess we can hope. You might live to see the day. I likely will not.

  2. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Monica is a friend of my wife and I, Awesome! http://www.facebook.com/AStarSpangledGirl

  4. That was no ordinary flyer, that was a Super Brochure, a grassroots project not affiliated with the campaign.

    Those kids are taking over the Republican party one county at a time. We've seen it in Washington, Missouri, and all over these caucus states. So until the next local Party folks are elected, it will be Ron Paul folks calling the shots in these localities.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Ron Paul throw in with Gary if the brokered con thing doesn't work out.
    Last time ('08), RP endorsed Chuck Baldwin over McCain.

    1. Thanks for the head's up. I have the flyer in my hand here and see you are correct (I see it was created, in part with the DailyPaul guys and gals).

      Have you been to one of his rallies?

    2. No, he hasn't been my way recently, but it looks pretty awesome!

  5. At least once a day there is another Pulitzer Prize winning quality story on Ron Paul events.

    If the main stream media does come back around will we be able to lower our standards to watch it? Will we even notice they are back?

    Great report on what REALLY DID happen!

    P.S. That Ron Paul head looked odd bobbing around in the videos I saw.

    1. Thanks! Make sure you bookmark and follow the Left Coast Rebel. We are the new media! (and I totally agree, the Ron Paul head looked really weird)


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