Our Fleeting Freedoms are Worth Fighting For: China's Chen Guangcheng Should Inspire us All

By the Left Coast Rebel

Have you been following the story of Chen Guangchen? If not -- and if you are a liberty-minded American horrified with what you see happening in the "land of the free, home of the brave" -- you should be.

Chen Guangchen: Humble Libertarian
Though busy and unable to follow Mr. Guangchen's story but in passing, I've found the ongoing Guangchen saga has it all: mind-blowing individual defiance against totalitarian government oppression; overcoming all odds against an amazing escape; transcendence beyond a devastating physical handicap.

Sadly, how many Americans would have 1/10 the spirit this man has against his totalitarian oppressors?

Wes Messamore is also inspired, naming Chen Guangcheng the "rebel of the week"...
Last week, Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese human rights activist and lawyer made a daring escape from his captors while under house arrest during a year-long illegal detention and made a video exposing the cruel treatment he and his family suffered, which included severe beatings and broken bones.

The amazing thing about Guangcheng’s escape– is that he’s blind. Not only that, but in an escape that one prominent Chinese activist called “a real Chinese version of The Shawshank Redemption,” the blind Chinese lawyer managed to evade the 90 guards who have surrounded his village home for over a year and get through eight separate security checks on his way to freedom and hiding at an undisclosed location in Beijing! He says he did it by using this blindness to his advantage…
It’s not just Guangcheng’s uber-competent, James Bond-like stealthiness (despite what most people would consider a major handicap) that makes him a rebel; it’s his spirit of fearless, self-sacrificing love– his willingness to put himself and those most dear to him at risk of violent retribution to expose his government’s tyranny, corruption, and brutality in the hopes of creating a world in which others don’t have to suffer like his family has.
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Updated: Guangcheng is begging the US government for amnesty:
Beijing (CNN) -- The Chinese activist who walked out of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing on Wednesday after what officials said was a decision he had made on his own said Thursday that he regrets the move and now wants U.S. officials to help get him and his family to the United States.
"I want them to protect human rights through concrete actions," Chen Guangcheng told CNN from his hospital room in Beijing. "We are in danger. If you can talk to Hillary, I hope she can help my whole family leave China."
Chen was referring to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who arrived Wednesday for trade talks and found herself in the middle of a diplomatic firestorm.

More:The quotes above are from a CNN Guancheng interview  yesterday; get a load of this:

Q: What has your wife told you after you escaped?
A: (My wife) was tied to a chair by police for two days. Then they carried sticks to our home, threatening to beat her to death. Now they have moved into the house -- eating at our table and using our stuff. Our home is teeming with security -- on the roof and in the yard. They have installed seven surveillance cameras inside the house and built electric fences around the yard.

I would hate to be in his shoes, hoping against all hope that the Obama admin. does the right thing (even if it sleights China; so what?).



  1. I prefer "concern for one' s rational self interest" to "self sacrificing love." But I suppose the later sells beter than the former. However, philosophically speaking the former is more accurate as well as objective.

    1. Correct but the larger point here is this man's fight against totalitarianism. I assume he has a lot different worldview than you or I but his cause (fighting government oppression) is 100% commendable.

  2. Shoot, this guy can bring his family and come live with mine, and be a free man once and for all. I cannot imagine the terrors and horrors he and his have faced being imprisoned in China. Amazing story!

    1. Lest it happens one day in America, too.

    2. Well, Tim, not as long as we have the ability to carry arms, it won't.

      Will it ever come to that? Now, hmmm, that really is the 64K dollar question, isn't it? Until people are prepared to consider such things as a possible future we might all face, then....

  3. Remember who set up Communist China.

    Also, reading about how brave Christians face persecution over there has always inspired me. The ones that don't go along with the phony Three Self Commie church are regularly imprisoned. And there, they start new churches.

    Somehow, I'm less optimistic about this guys chances with our current leadership. They seem pretty down with totalitarianism.

    1. Well said. They do seem pretty down with totalitarianism. Recall the Elian Gonzales episode? 'Nuff said.


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