Obama's diversionary tactics

By Dean L

Let me preface this post by noting that social issues are fundamental to the fiber of the country.  Character matters in politicians, and in daily life.  The direction of the nation is directly related to the philosophical bent of its leaders, and that bent is tied to character, values and is often intertwined with social issues. But social issues necessarily should take a back seat this election cycle, much to the chagrin of social conservatives I'm sure.  The reason social issues are secondary is that the nation's economic well-being - the debt, the economy, unemployment - has to be the primary if not the only campaign issue.

Notwithstanding the diversions, and there are going to be a lot of them, the rules of engagement for the GOP across the board are simple this cycle.  Every diversionary tactic - Obama endorsing gay marriage for example - has to be seen for what it is.  What it is, is a diversionary tactic designed to steer eyes away from the shambles of an economy.  The hope is that people will be diverted and/or Republicans will be drawn into a pointless distraction that may end up reflecting badly on them.

So if you see this...reply with this.

The president wants to endorse gay  marriage? What about jobs?  

Mitt Romney is a bully? Great, what about the deficit?  

The president had a dinner party with George Clooney?  That's terrific - why didn't Dodd-Frank prevent the latest JP Morgan loss of billions?  

Romney was a layoff specialist at Bain Capital?  Why did the president lay off so many dealerships at GM if he was bailing it out?

Get the picture?  It's Always the Economy. Always, always, always.  For years Obama blamed Bush for the economy.  He promised a cap on unemployment of 8% if the pork-laden stimulus bill passed. And now he wants Americans' attention to be diverted from the economy after years of massive debt and little to show for it. That's understandable because his record on the economy is abysmal.  I wouldn't want people taking note either.

For the GOP, whether it relates to the campaign of Mitt Romney, or to Congressional or Senatorial campaigns the drum beat message has to be about the economy, and the president and Democrats' mismanagement of it.  In the Senate and Congress, it is easy to run against Harry Reid and the no budget Senate.  And for every Republican, every conservative it's far too easy to run against Keynesian government and debt and a bad economy to pass up the opportunity.  DO NOT get suckered into gay marriage discussions, or immigration discussions.  That's what liberals/Democrats  want.  It gives them a footing to possibly run successfully against you because you might screw up and say something sounds terrible in a sound bite.  Or people will look at that instead of the basic economic discussion that everyone should be focused on  They don't have to keep people's attention diverted long enough, just long enough to get re-elected.  Right now you are seeing trial balloons designed to secure the liberal base, but also practice for the real diversionary tactics you'll see in the fall.  Remember the GOP primary debates where media moderators wanted to focus on things like Newt Gingrich's personal life instead of, you guessed it, the economy. It's all about diversion and misdirection.

Don't take the bait.  Ignore the discussion or bring it back every single time to the economy and the federal debt.  It's easy if you think about it.


  1. 100% in agreement. This goes along the same lines of an earlier post I wrote. This election is the Republicans to lose. Obama and the Dems have given the right so much ammunition it is laughable. The crucial factor, like you said, is what the nation narrative will focus on. Keep bringing it back to the economy and Obama is in trouble. No amount of spin can change facts and the facts are on our side. I think Romney is trying to do that.

  2. While in agreement with everything you say here isn't diversion what all politicians do best these days? That and lie when diversions don't work?

    Forgive me for being the cynic, but both major party candidates lack in credibility and therein the country is facing its biggest problem. A problem of philosophical bankruptcy and a lack of ethical standards in those who wish to lead the nation. This includes the executive, senatorial, and congressional level candidates.

    Gary Jonson, former Republican Governor of New Mexico, now the Libertarian nominee of the party for President of the United States has a truly conservative fiscal track record with a libertarian social philosophy.

    He has been ignored by the media, neo-cons, socons, the left, and almost everybody who has even a small stake in the bankrupt system.

    So, for those who are bold, love liberty, fiscal sanity and individual responsibility, and the list goes on if you really think about it, the only sensible choice is for republicans, conservatives, disgruntled liberals, and independents to ask the questions you threw out while supporting the presidential run of Gary Johnson. It is the only hope for something other than the last 11 + years of insanity, as our fiscal stability gradually destabilized and our personal liberties continued to shrink.

    The above statements do not describe a one party problem they describes a two party problem. Change is difficult, and often staying with the status quo of either side is more comfortable than taking the bold step that can result in breaking the cycle.

    Think about it.

  3. The dynamic is shifting in this country big time. As a former regular republican, I can say that I truly didn't "get it". I was caught up in the distracting side issues of pro-life, affirmative action, school choice, etc.

    Now that I understand how central banking is used to enslave a country, my eyes are totally open to the fact that so much of what takes up time in politics are side issues. Our huge government would not be possible without fiat money. Everything I detest about the federal government flows from the stream of the Fed's funny money. I know now that pro-aborts are eugenicists, with a long, sordid and yes, Republican background.

    There are lots of people out there like me. These Elites can't handle the fact that they've lost the "key demographic of 18-39". That means the clock is ticking, thus the TSA, unmanned drones, spying appliances and the set from 1984 being laid out all around us.

    The gay marriage is definitely what we call a psyop "psychological operation". Just look at how Biden said what he said, then "cue, you're on Mr. President" with his statement, blah, blah. Hey, Fed Cartel, get yourself some new writers, this show sucks!

  4. Also sitting in the backseat is the foreign affairs wreckage being left behind by this administration ... but we can argue about that - and the social stuff - like reasonable adults after we kick BHO and his corrupt gang of deranged progressives out of office by focusing on the economic disaster.

  5. Excellent point! My personal fascination (and blog) is with discussing social issues, but economic issues are far more dire at this point.


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