Obama "Born in Kenya" Literary Agent Affair

Hat-tip Breitbart
By the Left Coast Rebel 

I'm sure you've seen the Obama lit agent Kenya controversy so I won't bore you with rehashing the details; rather I thought I would just quickly check in here with a few thoughts on the issue.

Two possibilities are at play here:
  1. Obama was born in Kenya (the least likely). What do we do about that? Nothing, except insist that future candidates be vetted properly and NEVER FORGET how American media is such an epic fail.
  2. Obama is a liar and fabricating who he is is all he is - his modus operandi. He wanted to be known as the "born in Kenya" Harvard Law Review president to increase his limousine-socialist creds (overwhelmingly likely).
My thoughts on this controversy:

If Obama wasn't a divider deathly intent on pitting man against woman, red state against blue state, black against white, "health" bureaucracy against faithful, poor against the wealthy, unions against non-unions, environmentalists against business owners/income earners, haves against "have-nots", state against the Catholic church, gays versus straights...

...no one would care about this "born in Kenya" literary agent issue.

My advice is this...
...don't get distracted. Yes, Obama is an angry man hellbent upon bringing this nation's economy down in pseudo Hugo Chavez-like fashion. He is frightfully hostile and ignorant to what actually makes America work (let alone what makes it great). It is insane that someone like him could be elected in America.

But remember this: It foretells worse things for the future of the Republic that the public would elect a man like Obama. His lineage is a side-issue to this bigger picture.

The media failed at every point by not vetting him. They wanted their cultural-relativist black Democrat socialist president; nothing was going to get in the way of that.

But our neighbors, families, friends and acquaintances fell for it. As Americans, we hold the true power of who holds the reins of power in our society and we failed.

Now as liberty-loving Americans let us not be distracted by side-issues, rather let us turn back the tide on socialism and get America back to what it was even in recent memory. Bear witness to your neighbors, your family, your acquaintances. Speak boldly and never be afraid.

It's a long, twisting, dark road before us but I know we can do it.


  1. Perhaps all you say Tim is correct, and I tend to lean in the direction it is. But... In and of themselves your commentary creates the same divisve tactics the Obama team is using. I know you don't believe this is proper.

    Focus on the facts. The economy, crony capitalism, unemployment (the real numbers), the antiquated and punitive tax code, the obvious bias against capitalism, the continued interventionist foreign policy, the continued support of a corrupt Federal Reserve, the list can continue if you desire.

    My advice is this... Be positive. Provide the REASONS to cast a vote for either Johnson or Romney rather than why not to cast a vote for Obama. Whether anyone realizes it or not that is why Obama won in 2008. HOPE and CHANGE...

    Be that positive change rather than the negative voice of why one should vote AGAINST Obama.

    Therein lies Romney's weakness. And therein lies Johnson's strength.

    If, and it is a big if when America finally "gets it" things will change. Until then we're just going to continue to spin our wheels.

    1. Romney was born in the United States of America. He is an Americanist, and proud of his country. Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama was neither born here, nor does he even like America and Americans. He hates this country, and everything it stands for.

      To equate Romney with Obama in any sense is ludicrous.

    2. I'm equating nothing Eric. Learn to beat the "dude" at his own game. Accentuating the positives of either a Romney or a Johnson is by far more likely to succeed than dwelling on just the negatives of Obama. Everybody already knows them except those who don't want to or haven't already accepted the truth ain't gonna change their minds at this late date in the game. So, give them a bigger and better reason to vote FOR the alternative.

      As to your reference to Obama hating this country, that he is not an American, give it a rest Eric. The vast majority of reasonable Americans have moved beyond the birther garbage.

      Maybe you should get a job writing for WND.

    3. Les I agree with you and your comment would make for a great post idea.

  2. Great analysis and perspective LCR.

  3. I hope the Tea Party will stay strong in the coming years so conservative candidates continue to get voted in. The spineless moderate Republicans infesting the party accept the lie by the lamestream media that independents will go running if we are "too conservative." You can see it in their actions, from preemptively drawing up bills that will keep portions of Obamacare in case the Supreme Court strikes it down, to Romney repudiating a super pac's idea to run ads about Obama's associations with Reverend Wright. We need to replace all of the RINOs in the party.

  4. Your two choices are, was he lying when he said he was born in Kenya, or was he lying when he said he wasn't? To me, the greater issue is not where he was born, but the fact that he is a proven, opportunistic liar. Goes to character.

  5. Obama's proud of his third world roots. Fine. Whatever. But he's as chagrined by "his country" as Michelle ever was. That's what bothers me. Making Obama POTUS was tantamount to making a card-carrying member of PETA the CEO of KFC.

    1. Good analogy. And this happened here in America because the media failed (as expected) and because Americans failed too.

  6. Islamism IS the biggest issue facing America right now, not the economy. What good is tax cuts, if we're all marched off to the gas chambers by Radical Muslims hellbent on destroying our Western Civilization.

    Northern Kenya is now almost completely controlled by Muslims. There was a significant Muslim population in the area during the time of Obama's birth. His own father was half-Muslim.

    This IS the biggest issue. Not a side issue at all. We have an enemy of the United States of America sitting in the White House. Yes, economics is important. But the bigger issue is our own survival as a people.

    1. No total collapse of the US dollar is the biggest issue we face. Islamists only have to sit by and pop dates waiting for it to implode.

      How are Muslims getting into this country? Answer: the United Nations is resettling them here. Why? These are the questions you need to ask if you are really fearful of Islamists hijacking civilization. In the meantime, what are you doing in your own life to combat it? Are you reproducing at a rate equal or exceeding the average Muslim family? Are you homeschooling your children to ensure proper transmission of Christian civilization? The future belongs to those who show up for it.

  7. like elizabeth warren, he's lying about somthing here.

    looking good, harvard


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