Must Watch Interview With Senator Jim DeMint

By the Left Coast Rebel

Earlier this year Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch chatted with South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.

The interview runs about 28:00 but is well worth the time to watch:

It’s hard to win elections when you’re talking about limited government if the constituents want more from government. You see that phenomenon on display in Greece. When the country is going down in flames, there are still people in the street, demonstrating for more government benefits. We’ve got to understand we’re in trouble, that we don’t have much time. [...]We can turn things around. One of the main points of the book is that we forgot what makes America exceptional. We’re a bottom-up country, very individualistic. Every other country was top-down, where a king, or dictator, or general can shape things from the top. But we were different and we were successful, because we began at the individual level.

-Jim DeMint to January, 2012


  1. I don't want Jim Demint to quit in 2016! He's wrong, term limits will not fix our problem. Term limits for Democrats and squishy moderate Rinos would fix our problem!

  2. Demint is exactly correct. We need to get rid of lifetime politicians. As for term limiting democrats and RINO's is ludicrous. Take a look at some of the long time buffoons that are republican and have out lived their usefulness.

  3. Great interview. Matt Welch apparently has a history of making some whacky lefty/statist statements, so it's no surprise he pressed DeMint hard, but DeMint handled it well. If the more leftward-leaning wing of the libertarian movement could put its radical social agenda on the back burner for a while, libertarians and conservatives could accomplish a lot together.


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