More Predatory Harassment From Left Wing Terrorists: Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser et al.

By RightKlik

CONTENT ALERT: Extreme content and vulgar language below (and at the links), absolutely inappropriate for children...

Back in October of 2010, I received a hateful message from a twitter account from Neal Rauhauser's network of online thugs:

This was part of a much largerongoing effort to bully and intimidate right-of-center bloggers and activists. The intimidation has been coordinated by a group of extremely violent and hateful left wing activists including Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, Ron Brynaert and Nadia Naffe.

Neal Rauhauser is a far-left activist and "a consultant to Democrat Party officials, boasting Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva among his clients."

Convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin receives funding from mainstream Democrats and the deep pockets of the radical left. As Proof notes, Kimberlin received $70,000 from the Tides Foundation, $10,000 from Barbara Streisand, $20,000 from John Kerry’s wife.

Just last week, blogger Robert Stacy McCain (The Other McCain) was forced into hiding after receiving threats from Brett Kimberlin.

Today we learn that blogger John Patrick Frey (Patterico's Pontifications) was the victim of a dangerous "SWATting" attack by the same terrorist.

To quote John Patrick Frey, "that’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks."

There's much more at Memeorandum.


An eerie reminder:


  1. There are some really nasty and vicious people there on the left. Let's be careful out there!

  2. Follow the money. This Brett guy ran a non profit tax exempt foundation, the Justice Through Music Project, which was funded by the Soros connected Tides Foundation, amongst a slew of others.
    I'm wondering if he's part of some sort of psychological operation.

    1. I followed the money and I saw the Kochs outspending Soros, should we continue to protest the idea of secretly funded media knowing we are hypocritically ignoring that right wingers do it worse?

      Koch Industries is 20 times bigger than Soros Fund Management. The Kochs are individually richer too, each owning $3 billion more than Soros. The Kochs spend four times more on lobbying and $6 billion more on PAC spending. Soros out-donates them to 527's but no one knows the true measure of the coordination of any of these groups because of cleverly hidden shell organizations. So I agree this is a problem in nned of transparency, but then why single out Kimberlin or Soros?

      Are we complaining about secret top-down donations in general, or only Soros? I also didn't mention Karl Rove's Crossroads, US Chamber of Commerce, FreedomWorks or many others that far outstrip Soros' impact.


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