Les Carpenter from Rational Nation Hits the Nail on the Head

By the Left Coast Rebel 

Yesterday I touched on the controversy wherein Obama's literary agent in the early '90s touted his being "born in Kenya."

Unsurprisingly, since the issue is so controversial, the post got a lot of comments -- most of them supportive of my broader statement within the post.

That broader statement was this: Obama is not the problem with this country, rather an American public that would vote for someone like him is (in addition to the media that refused to vet him)...

Instead of focusing on distracting side-issues (like the literary agent Kenya thing), we in the freedom movement must instead focus on BIG IDEAS and be the lightness in the dark of our off-the-rails society that has so lazily and even willingly accepted the squandering of America's founding vision of liberty.

We have to bear witness to the wisdom (and superiority) of individual freedom to our neighbors, acquaintances, co-workers, friends and family and start changing America from the inside - one person at at time.

Les Carpenter from Rational Nation was motivated by my post and plea as well, writing:

Focus on the facts: The economy, crony capitalism, unemployment (the real numbers), the antiquated and punitive tax code, the obvious bias against capitalism, the continued interventionist foreign policy, the continued support of a corrupt Federal Reserve, the list continues.

My advice is this... Be positive. Provide the REASONS to cast a vote for either Johnson or Romney rather than why to vote against Obama. Whether anyone realizes it or not, that is why Obama won in 2008. HOPE and CHANGE was perceived as a positive...

Be that positive change rather than the negative voice of why one should vote AGAINST Obama.

Therein lies Mitt Romney's weakness. And therein lies Gary Johnson's strength.

Hear, hear.

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