The Least Serious President in the History of the Republic™ Visits The View...Again

By Proof

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Gasoline prices are high. World economies are crumbling. Unemployment is unacceptably high, with no end in sight. Iran may be on the brink of having nuclear capability. Israel may be on the brink of war with Iran. North Korea is developing ICBMs. Chinese dissidents are being turned away from our embassy. And Barry's poll numbers may be slipping among women.

What does the Leader of the Free World do? He goes on The View to discuss how he's making gay marriage the central point in his re-election bid..
"This is going to be a big contrast in the campaign..."
Well, it is after all, all about him! It is much more important (to Barry) to shore up his poll numbers among women, by going on The View, than anything else that might be on his plate, right?. Mitt Romney outpolls him among women, not just Republican women, even after the Democrats' poorly manufactured hit piece, the so called 'GOP war on women'. (Maybe if Barry's allies on the Left would stop attacking Ann Romney and comparing her to Hitler, he could spend less time on The View and more time back on the golf course?)
This is the Obama's fourth appearance on "The View" -- his second since taking up residence in the White House.
Fourth? I knew about the time POTUS, the honorary chairman of the Boy Scouts of America, blew off the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts to be on the View. It seems that Barry consults with Whoopi Goldberg more than some of his cabinet members and generals in an active shooting war.

Can you think of a single nation on the planet, other than Venezuela, (where his buddy, the dictator Hugo Chavez rules with an iron fist), where Obama has actually improved relationships with the US, or made the world a safer place for democracy and freedom? So much for the world "loving us" after we got rid of the "cowboy Bush"! And yet the Commander-in-Chief of the last remaining super power on the planet (although, if Barry gets his "flexibility", perhaps not for long!), will not focus on world stability or the crumbling world economy or the lackluster American economy, but rather chooses to focus on whether American homosexuals should have to settle for civil unions instead of changing the definition of marriage.

How about a really bold move, Mr. President? Why not tell the women of The View that you are negotiating with the Taliban (or Tollybon) to take over Afghanistan after we pull out? You remember the Taliban, don't you ladies? They forbid young girls from going to school, sometimes maiming them, or throwing acid on them if they are so bold as to try. The "Tollybon" subjugate women and best of all, Mr. President, tell the ladies what the Taliban does to homosexuals. All those newly married homosexuals can honeymoon in Afghanistan and be buried together, after the locals stone them to death.

Gee, Mr. President. Don't you think that making the world safer for gays is more important than the legal niceties of their cohabitation?

In a related story, Obama awarded himself the newly created Order of bin Laden, for meritorious service in voting "present" in the White House Situation room. The medal depicts bin Laden sleeping with the fishes, alongside the American economy.

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  1. I missed it... what did I miss? Did Woopie solve any world problems?

    1. They asked him deep insightful questions about the pressing issues of the, "did Jessica Simpson have her baby?" And "Which Kardashian was only married 72 days?" Whoopie's question was whether or not he felt "bumps" on Air Force One.

  2. but yet he won't visit israel.

    1. A real piece of work, isn't he?

    2. Yeah, unfortunately a piece of work that a huge segment of the population just can't help but to swoon over.


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