Judd Gregg on France Going Socialist and the Politics of Redistribution, Envy and Fairness

By the Left Coast Rebel

A taste of Senator Judd Gregg's op-ed appearing in The Hill:

If a culture gets to a position where your vote establishes your income, then it becomes rather reasonable to expect a massive growth in government, the outer limits of which have not even been reached in France.
First, the government runs up massive debts to pay for its expenditures. When adding debt can no longer be done conveniently, it turns to a dramatically progressive tax policy. Both of these steps, when coupled with an irrational retirement system, lead to a dramatic drop in the productivity of the society and an inevitable resulting drop in the standard of living for all... Ironically, all this is done under the banner of “fairness and equality.”
It is obvious that voting for one’s living is a great deal easier than working for it. It is easier to blame someone else who is wealthier for a reduction in the standard of living than to look in the mirror and ask hard questions about the nature and effect an expansionist government has on the quality of life in a society in general.

The driver of this process is at its most basic level envy. In a democratic system it is very simple to claim, for what seems like a long time, that if you just take more from your neighbor, you will be able to live better.

But in the end reality has a way of setting in. Countries that choose this path see that, rather than all the boats rising on the incoming tide of massive government expansion in the name of goodness and light, the boats actually start to wallow and the wealth of the society as a whole begins to erode significantly. 
Rather than being lifted up through greater productivity and economic growth, the society becomes mired in finger pointing where the many, through their politicians, blame the few.

The French scenario Gregg speaks of sounds horrifying similar to America's situation, doesn't it?

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  1. Great writing from Judd Gregg. I read the same article and was inspired to post on it as well.

    Gregg as is the norm for him on matters economic, was spot on. Clearly one of the adults in the room. It's hard to imagine what would have happened in America had he accepted the Commerce Secretary nomination from president Obama back in 2009.


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