Heading to a UCSD Ron Paul Rally; Will Post Photos and Coverage of the Event Tonight or Tomorrow

By the Left Coast Rebel

UPDATED 5/5/12: View my post on the Ron Paul May 4 UCSD rally, including tons of picture and coverage, here.

I'm going to see Ron Paul tonight at UCSD!

The event is free and I just printed out the ticket:


The Youth for Ron Paul event is being held in the Warren Mall (not sure where that is); I'm 'pooling to the event with the ever-gracious, one-and-only illustrious W.C. Varones

If anyone reads this and is in the San Diego area please come! If you're at the event want to say hello, I should be easy to spot: I'll be wearing a light blue polo shirt and dark gray shorts with a black Nike ball-cap.

Thanks go to Sarah Bond for tipping me on this event!

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