Even Star Wars Can't Win The Battle Against California Socialism

Buh-bye, People's Republik of Kalifornia

By the Left Coast Rebel 

It's not the latest and (not so) greatest sequel to Star Wars, rather it's an epic tale of one billionaire limousine liberal producer -- George Lucas -- against the Darkside -- the Marxist Marin County Moonbats.

You see, Lucas owns a lot of property in Marin and over the years has built and added to the Lucasfilm studio on his sprawling Marin estate. Good for him; he's one of the most successful people in the world and we applaud him for his success.

But Marin leftists ain't havin' none of his latest plans for Lucasfilm expansion...

(NYT) SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — In 1978, a year after “Star Wars” was released, George Lucas began building his movie production company far from Hollywood, in the quiet hills and valley of Marin County here just north of San Francisco. Starting with Skywalker Ranch, the various pieces of Lucasfilm came together over the decades behind the large trees on his 6,100-acre property, invisible from the single two-lane road that snakes through the area. And even as his fame grew, Mr. Lucas earned his neighbors’ respect through his discretion. Marin, one of America’s richest counties, liked it that way.

But after spending years and millions of dollars, Mr. Lucas abruptly canceled plans recently for the third, and most likely last, major expansion, citing community opposition. An emotional statement posted online said Lucasfilm would build instead in a place “that sees us as a creative asset, not as an evil empire.”

If the announcement took Marin by surprise, it was nothing compared with what came next. Mr. Lucas said he would sell the land to a developer to bring “low income housing” here.
Please read the rest at The New York Times, trust me, it's worth the read, for example:
With the project seemingly winding its way toward approval, a group of residents in Lucas Valley resurrected a defunct homeowners’ association last summer. In November, the association and others sent a letter to Mr. Lucas requesting that he find a “far more appropriate location for the development.”
The project, the letter said, would “pose a serious and alarming threat to the nature of our valley and our community,” “dwarf the average Costco warehouse” and generate light pollution so that “our dark starry skies would be destroyed.” The association hired an environmental consultant and a lawyer, then alerted the county to questions that state and federal authorities had raised about Lucasfilm’s plan to restore a creek. Last month, the county’s Board of Supervisors decided to postpone a final vote on the project.
Light pollution! I've heard what I thought was everything, but even I haven't heard that one.

You really have to love that Lucas writes that his operation is moving to a place "that sees us as a creative asset, not as an evil empire." But you have to cry when you consider how many businesses here have been treated this way (through zoning, "planning" and other socialist, entrepreneur-stifling schemes).

You have to love Lucas even more for claiming that instead of expanding, he's going to get the 'F' out of Marin and subdivide the land for low income housing. I can't even describe the Joker-like grin I had when I read that.

Even the great Star Wars director is not immune to the anti-capitalist insanity of California.

California truly is that far gone.

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  1. An emotional statement posted online said Lucasfilm would build instead in a place “that sees us as a creative asset, not as an evil empire.”
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