Brian Doherty: We are Entering the Age of Ron Paul

By the Left Coast Rebel 

You mean the Paulites will have a lasting influence on the GOP and perhaps the future of this nation?

Say it ain't so.

From Reason:
Paul, says Brian Doherty, a Reason senior editor and author of the new Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired, "is leaving in his wake a set of institutions, and a set of hundreds of thousands of energized intelligent youngsters who are unquestionably going to shape American politics moving down the line."
Doherty argues Paul's long-term effect on the GOP will be similar to that of Barry Goldwater, the Arizona senator who, despite a crushing electoral loss to Lyndon Johnson in 1964, energized and transformed the Republican Party into the limited-government force that elected Ronald Reagan in 1980.
"His fans understand that Ron Paul is not just out to win an election," says Doherty. "Even if the [party bosses] shut the door in his face at the Republican convention as they did in 2008,...the ideas he injected into the party [and politics] are not going away anytime soon."

I agree with Doherty's sentiment because I saw the Ron Paul movement with my own eyes.


  1. Paul supporters taking over the GOP is the only hope we have if we want to take down Leviathan.

    Otherwise it will be business as usual for the the two-faction, one party system that currently oversees Mordor on the Potomac.

    1. Mordor on the Potomac, I love lt!

    2. All the credit goes to Mike Church for that one.

    3. I wish Church's show was available streaming on-line :(

    4. It is on Sirius :(

      The major bummer for me is that with the time change in March is his show ends at 6am here in the desert. During the winter months I'm able to catch most of the last hour on the way into work.

      I love listening to the King Dude but not enough to leave an hour earlier for work ;)

  2. Ha. Mordor on the Potomac sounds like a cool band or blog name.

    Win, lose or draw Paul People are committed.

    1. It sounds like a death metal band name, no? Haha.


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