Blue State Paranoia & The Epidemic of Pertussis

The New York Times blames state budget cuts for a relentless outbreak of whooping cough (Pertussis), but a closer examination reveals that anti-science sentiments of the left wing fringe are a conspicuous part of the problem...
...Washington State tapped into emergency funds to help get a whooping cough outbreak under control.

A fairly high number of parents in the state have been exempt from having their children vaccinated, according to Reuters, and a spokesman for the state Health Department said that could be a contributing factor...
I can understand why the state Health Department would be coy, but high exemption rates are a recipe for disaster:
Ms. Selecky said immunizations were meant to protect not only individuals but also the broader population: the so-called herd immunity threshold. If a large enough segment of the population is unprotected from a disease — generally considered 5 percent to 15 percent, depending on the disease — even people with some degree of immunity through vaccination can have an elevated risk, she said.

...Washington’s vaccination exemption rate was more than 6 percent.
Why is the exemption rate so high? Along with other unsubstantiated concerns, parents fret about autism:

And a 2011 study, also by CDC, found that nearly 80 percent of parents surveyed felt uncomfortable about getting their children immunized for a variety of reasons, including the fear of the shot, concerns over safety of vaccines and the number of vaccines their children receive and worry that vaccination may be linked to autism.
Paranoia-fueled worries about links between vaccination and autism have been thoroughly debunked. However, among liberals, fashionable ignorance about the safety of childhood vaccination persists. So it probably should come as no surprise that the pertussis epidemic is hitting liberal states hard:
Vermont, Washington and Oregon all have high exemption rates, and all three states had had outbreaks of whooping cough.
California is also suffering from high rates of infection.

This won't serve as definitive proof of a link between left wing ignorance and the pertussis epidemic, but the circumstantial evidence is pretty damning.

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  1. Man, you can really start Mother's Day off with a bang!

    I would say that this phenomenon is not confined to liberals, as I know a lot of conservative homeschooling moms who have stopped or scaled back on their vaccinations. I might have to do my own post on this topic. The Health Department is being coy because vaccinated kids getting the pertussis at the same rate.

    A mom who recently moved to TN from TX said that they had the whooping cough for three months prior to their move and wanted to give us a heads up on it. She said it went through her church vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

    In the California 2010 outbreak, 92% of the pertussis patients had been immunized, and 81% were totally up to date on their shots
    Source: Reuters Health

    In Skagit Co. Washington, the Health Department there says 80-90% of the patients were immunized.

    One explanation given by the world's foremost authority on pertussis, Dr. Fritz Mooi, is that the strain in the vaccine is not the strain out there.

    Just remember that the CDC and FDA are the government and they're here to help you.

  2. I have only vaccinated my children for tetanus. (We're rednecks, and running around outside barefoot is not uncommon. So better to be safe than sorry.)

    My take on it is simple: If all the other kids are vaccinated against polio, pertussis, etc, etc, and my kids are not, then where's the fear? I mean, if your (used generically here) kid is vaccinated against a disease my kid might have, then why are my kids banned from public schools?

    Perhaps I am part of that 'conspiracy-theory' group that wonders if the gub'nemt ain't putting weird crap into these vaccines. (How would any of really know?) But if my punishment is merely that my kids cannot attend publik skooles because they aren't 'clean', oh well. Like THAT is a punishment. Sure.

    In truth it comes down to genetics. Either you are susceptible or you aren't. Immunizations are not fail-proof, now are they? Nope.

    1. Your kids cannot be banned from public school by the fact you are a "refuser". Unless you live in Mississippi or West Virginia. They use color of law to make you think you have no choices.

      As far as having weird crap in them - take a gander at what happened during the swine flu panic in Germany. According to Der Speigel, Baxter labs made up a separate set of "clean" vaccines to be made available for Angela Merkel and other government officials. This was different that the batch given to the general population. These "clean" vaccines were adjuvant-free without the aluminum and squalene that supposed to "pump-up" your immune system. I'll have what they're having please. Oh wait, as a plebeian I'm not allowed you say?

      There's something going on with kids health today. When I was in school (80s), you had one kid who had asthma and that was it. We all had peanut butter sandwiches. When I taught Sunday School two out of the six kids in my kindergarten class had a chronic kidney disease (not related kids) and were to be on medicine the rest of their lives. My daughter's best friend stopped breathing and turned blue immediately after her Hep B shot. The doctor said she wasn't to have that one ever again. One of the girls in our troop had angio-edema and carried around an eppy pen. Two of the kids in my homeschool co-op had emergency bowel surgery after the Rotateq shot for bowel intussusception (which is a listed side effect on the insert). Oh, and the FDA acknowledges it :

      I will note that the baby's pediatrician was very condescending when the mother asked if the Rotateq could have caused it, blowing it off. And that right there is why the medical field is rapidly and I do mean rapidly losing the public trust.

      Yes, these are just anecdotes, which is what us plebes out here are left with when the powers that be buy up the scientific world so they can use it to their own advantage. If I had the funds, I'd like to fund a double-blind study on the current vaccine schedule. Of course, if that were to happen, the FDA would SWAT team my rear, slamming my head into the pavement a few times for good measure. Because I don't have a government permit to perform independent scientific studies. It should be noted that all gov. grants to do such studies are rejected.


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