1996: Barack Obama Headlined as Featured Democratic Socialists of America Speaker...

 By the Left Coast Rebel

Obama, a socialist? Just look the other way. Don't let the peeps see this; don't let them in on the fact that The One really is a socialist (yay!) - or at least he was when he was younger...

Via Buzzfeed:

In this little-seen advertisement that ran in the Hyde Park Herald in 1996, Obama was listed on a panel sponsored by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), University of Chicago Democrats, and University of Chicago DSA.


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  1. Trace the guy's history from birth, through childhood, through adolescence, through college, after college, through his political career...

    You'll find his nestled within Communist and Socialist circles every step of the way.

    There was a reason why CPUSA formally endorsed him in 2004, 2008, and 2012.

    1. Hack: Of course you are 100% correct- Obama's radical past explains a lot of what we see today.

  2. I learned about Left Coast Rebel from "The War Planner" and I hope you won't mind my dropping a link to an article from my blog here, As I am a San Diego County resident and the rant in question is relevant to San Diego County.

    It’s Tax increase, err I mean Fire season again in California….
    Say, that sure is a nice house/community/town you guys got there, sure would be a damned shame if it burnt to the ground.


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